ISML 2012: Amethyst Period: Day 2 Fantasy/Prediction

Here are some key matches that I believe might be interesting for voters to look at.


Arena 5 – Arena 5 is interesting in that I have both of these characters as relatively close in terms of strength. It would be very interesting to see how this match up is going to go. Considering that both Shiori and Mizuki came into regular season through the second preliminary phase, it would be interesting to see just how strong the two of them are. While both of the characters are quite weak, I believe that Shiori will win this match, but it would be by a very close margin.

Arena 9 – Let’s see if Homura can take out her opponent this time. Although a tier 6 character, Haruna still has one more episode left before her series is over. Because of this, she should still have some current series power riding through her such that she would be able to defeat Homura. Hopefully, Homura does not fall that hard such that she would lose to someone of that low of a tier. Homura should be able to defeat her, but by a close margin.


Arena 21: Arena 21 is probably the most interesting match up for the day. In the first preliminary phase, Illyasviel would surpass Kyou by a few votes, a surprise victory as mt thought that she would not have such a grand boost from Fate/Zero in the first place. With the two of them in a one-on-one match-up instead of a 7-on-7 free for all, can Illyasviel full off the same thing again. The Clannad girls are slowly losing in strength, so Illyasviel should have enough power to take her out, however close it would be.

Arena 24 – If this were 2010, Holo would have no trouble taking Ikaros out. What about how. With Holo’s power suddenly diminishing since last year, it seems as though she is slowly getting back on track in terms of her power, but the rise is coming out as too slow. With thanks to Ikaros’s movie, Ikaros is sure to have more than enough power to take Holo out, which is what I predict will happen.

Arena 31 – At any given day, Kagami would have been able to take Louise out. What about now. With the final season of Zero no Tsukaima over and Lucky Star’s power slowly going down on a slope, it looks as though this is the best time, if any, for Louise to finally take her out and garner the first victory above her. The match is stacked against Kagami as she has to rely on her fanbase who still remembers her and will support her until the end. Sadly, it seems like Louise is going to win this one.

Arena 37 – For some reason, I saw this as an interesting match to look at. Shinobu has been showing some decent strength based of her previous matches. If anything, she should be able to take out Nagi with ease. However, with a rather bad start, Nagi is back and seems to have her strength that she use to have last year. Shinobu may have a tough time taking out Nagi at this time, but I think she should still be able to win this match.


Arena 19 – I looks like all of the members of the student council are here and ready to get it on. With no president or leader to watch over them, these girls are going to go all out with making sure which papers will get a stamp of approval by the end of this one. Then again, it’s hard to say who is going to be the winner here as all of the members here are pretty weak in terms of strength. If anything, Minatsu and Miki should be the winners due to the fact that Minatsu has been in ISML in 2010. With both girls having series representation this year, just maybe, they will win by name recognition.

Arena 38 – Whoever thought of this match, I really have to tip my hat to him/her. This was a very clever way to have a male x female style exhibition match shown. On a sad note, this match would be nothing more than a lopsided match-up. With the final season of Shakigan no Shana over, Alastor and Tiamat should have to problem defeating Bardiche and Rising Heart. Lyrical Nanoha is going down in popularity, and even the weapons of past champions would not be enough to get them to garner a victory here.


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