Barbeque and a Day with Friends

I am really grateful of our biannual meetup. I think it is a great way to speak to someone after not seeing them for a long time due to college and the like. This is something that one does not get out from Facebook and Skype. And actual live face-to-face conversation with people is much more preferable than wall postings or video chats.

This summer, my friends and I were hosting a barbeque at a friends house. While there were not a lot of people there as I would have liked, it was enough so that we can talk about random things to pass the time about our lives and the like. Various random topics of discussions were thrown about, but all of them were pretty entertaining and quite informative. Sadly, I did not get any part as to actually barbecue something. I would have liked to learn. It hopefully should not be any different from cooking over a stove or something.

I guess the main day of attraction was Cards Against Humanity, a game where one would try to fit the best card on the various descriptions an/or questions provided in the game. As the name does, this was not meant to be something young children should play, as most of the cards deal with blatant or suggested sexual actions and the descriptions themselves are meant to make fun of the world as it is now. If people wanted a more tamer version of this game, one should play “Apples to Apples,” where the game is about nouns matching the adjective more so than making fun of the world.

The barbecue event was two days ago. I apparently forgot my laptop charger at my friends place that Sunday. Someone remind me to make sure that I have everything packed inside, even it if feels (literally feeling my bag to see if everything is there), as though everything is inside.


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