ISML Amethyst Period: Day 3 Fantasy/Prediction

Here are some matches that I believe might interest people.


Arena 1: Interestingly enough we finally get out first glimpse of seeing what ISML was like if we ignored all of the recurring characters from 2011. Here, Inori and Erio would fight to see who the better competitor is. However, Considering that Erio was looking rather weak in her recent match records, I have a feeling that Inori is going to win this one, and it may be by a decent score, even if they are both in the Tier 3 category.

Arena 10: In a similar reasoning as above, Aria and Kurisu would have their shot at facing each other to see who the better competitor is. All this time, I thought that this match would be very interesting considering how equal the two were back in the preliminary phase in terms of strength. Now that this is Regular Season, Kurisu is not showing much considering where she is supposedly ranked as a Tier three character. With Kurisu losing it and Aria remaining the same as she used to, it looks like Aria is going to win this one, and by a fair amount at that.


Arena 20: This match is also very interesting in its own right. One wold think that Illyasviel would be the victor here due to her Fate/Zero series still airing, but I do not think that is the case. Although Nisemonogatari is over, Shinobu shows that she is not a force to be taken lightly of with her victories and the like. This could be an interesting match to wonder exactly who is truly going to win this. I still think Illya is going to win, mostly because of her running series.

Arena 34: Why is this match mentioned, one might ask? For one Holo should be the victor here. It is nearly impossible for her to have sunken so far as to lose to a Tier 7 once again, right? I would not really count on that. While it is true that Hecate is still winless at this time, this could actually be her best time than any to take Holo out and get her first victory. Of course, this would make a certain someone from AnimeSuki get in a fit of rage, but Holo should have what it takes to take Hecate down. The sad part is that it would not be a great victory with a strong finish, but it is a win nonetheless.


Arena 19: It’s twins all over the place with these four girls roaming about. Then again, their personalities are distinct enough to tell who is who. I have not watched YuraYuri yet, so I do not know exactly how popular they are, especially the two that are participating right now, Chizuru and Chitose. However, do not let Tsukihime fool you. Despite having their series aired nine years ago, Carnival Phantasm features our Type-Moon girls having fun and doing their own silly things. This refreshing short series is more than enough to get Hisui and Kohaku back into action and act as decent opponents. I have Hisui and Kohaku winning this one.

Arena 38: We now switch into series mode and have our intellectual girls from the math and science department teach us everything they know about numbers and the human anatomy. Erotics aside, it is interesting that Kurisu and Rebecca would be paired up with each other. While both of them are scientist and researchers, i do not know if their personalities can handle each other. Kotomi and Teletha at least make a good team in that they are both shy and reserved girls, but Teletha can go all out if needed be. It’s a bit difficult to decide who is going to win, but I think Kotomi and Teletha would win since both of them have recognizable names. I think Rebecca might bring Kurisu down in this match.


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