Nazo No Kanojo X: Episode 9

Jealousy is flying left and right in this episode, but those are still few of the many things that most relationships have to overcome and, eventually, accept that things like this are going to happen, be it boy or girl. They say that a little anger makes a better relationship in the future, be it true or not, but it is still interesting to see the relationship between Akira and Mikoto grow as well as see glimpses of Ayuko and Kouhei’s relationship in a similar style as Akira and Mikoto.

It all started when Mikoto comes to school with her hair completely disheveled, although that was mostly what her hair looked liked from the start. Seeing this, Ayuko decides to prim up her hair and give it a new style: bangs lifted with twintails. Immediately, she becomes the talk of the school as everyone saw her in a different light now that her hair was up. Even her classmates, who would rarely try to go up to her, would start talking and chatting with her as if they knew her for a long time. Even the boys could not help but become attracted by her new looks. Of course, Akira, unable to state that he was her boyfriend, had no choice but to suck it all it.

After school, Akira would talk to her about her hairstyle, stating that he liked her hairstyle before, all messy and the like. This was because he himself does not want anyone to see Mikoto’s cuteness with her hair up and wishes it all for himself. Call it possessiveness, but relationships can act like this sometimes. Mikono then asks him to mess up her hair for her, of which he does, returning it to its original state, the one whom he originally loved. The actions of his rough hands caressing throughout her hair would actually turn her on and make her a little faint, stating that it felt good. Although I did not understand the red hue that they placed over the scene, it probably was used to symbolize the anger that he had when thinking about all the boys looking at her with seductive eyes.

The next day, Ayuko comes up with another hairstyle for her to try, but Mikoto quickly stated no. Suprised by her rather quick remark, Ayuko thinks that she does not wish to change it because Akira told her not to. This surprised Ayuko, for she did not expect him to be the jealous type, but people do slightly change when they are in a relationship. Upon sampling her drool, it seems as if something happened as well when he told her to change it back. Apparently, what felt good was the ruffling of hair from someone else’s hands as Mikoto demonstrates this with Ayuko’s hair. Ayuko was surprised at first, but, after school, she asks Kouhei to o the exact same thing that Mikoto did to her. When he started to ruffle her hair, she too became turned on, signified from her fogged glasses.

A few days later, one of their classmates would start to sell some of Urabe’s pictures to them, the ones that have her hair pulled up. Of course, Akira would be angry, since this was done in front of his face, but Akira still has to hide the fact that they are going out. Kouhei would snap him back to reality, where Akira catches himself when he realizes that he is sightly becoming possessive thinking like this. As they were buying her pictures, one of them commented that she looked like Imai Momoka, an Idol of about their age. After school, after their ritual, Akira tries to confirm for himself whether or not she does look like Mikoto or not. After finding her album at the store, Akira would notice that indeed she did look like Mikoto. Akira would purchase the book, only to have Kouhei see him in the act of doing so, the worst possible person to see him. Even so, he leaves quickly, looking through the photo album and imagining Mikoto in replace of her own positions, stating that this was a good investment.

Ayuko would learn that the boys were selling pictures of Mikoto and wondered if Kouhei had any. Like a loyal boyfriend, Kouhei said no because he already had her. Ayuko asked if Akira bought any, of which Kouhei stated he also did not, but apparently likes girls who look like her, telling her about the time he saw Akira at the store. Ayuko would find this information interesting and pass it on to Mikoto. While Mikoto did not seem too lived by this, after school, she asks Akira if she can see that photo album as well. Akira would show it to her at the park where she looks through the pictures. She asks him which one was his favorite, and, of course, he picks the one with her smiling. A street light beams above him, signifying the moment of judgement as Mikoto tells him not to move as she takes her scissors out and cuts up the book into pieces. Mikoto tells him that he has her; therefore, he should not have any pictures of people who look like her, of which he accepts. It looks like even someone like Mikoto can harbor the feelings of jealousy in her mindset. It seems like out heroine is starting to become more and more like a normal girl than the weird label that everyone has placed on her in the beginning.


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