ISML Amethyst Period 2012: Day 2 Results

You talk about a surprise victory. I surely did not expect Elsie to get a victory over someone like Kurisu. I do not think Elsie got any better, but Kurisu looks to have weakened quite a bit, or maybe this is her actual strength all along. By a mere 14 votes, Mizuki manages to get the victory over Shiori. Indeed the two of them are close, nearly equal, in terms of strength, but it looks like Mizuki was the better girl of this match. Haruna gets a much needed victory over Homura, most likely thanks to her series which is about to end soon.

Much to my surprise once more, Kyou manages to get a close victory over Illyasviel by a little over 100 votes. Kyou looks to have redeemed herself after her previous loss in the preliminary series. Holo really isn’t getting a lot of love out there like I thought she would. It does not look like Holo is going to progress in terms of power if this keeps up. Shinobu gets a nice finish with her victory over Nagi. It does look like Shinobu is a potential Top 16 material if she keeps up like this.

As far as exhibition matches are concerned, both are complete blowout matches. Both the team of Minatsu and Miki as well as Alastor and Tiamat defeated their opponents by around 1800 votes. This sadly does not say much for their opponents, but I expected something like that to happen in the end. Good job to the winners, and good try for their opponents.


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