Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode Of Side-A: Episode 8

After hearing their story, Satomi immediately drives them to their place, where the remaining Tsuruga Academy team was located. Here, the girls would ask of they can play against them in order to be stronger. While Momoko tells them that a few games would not logically make them stronger, they still wanted to train as much as they could, given how weak they are in comparison to those whom they have to face in the future. Seeing their determination, Kajiki Yumi asks for a table to be set up as well as have Satomi pick up a few more girls to help them out, since they will not be participating in the individual tournament. With the arrival of Kazekoshi Girls’ High School, particularly Fujiki Mihoko, their mock battles start.

Their matches would not be very easy, as every one of their opponents were going all out of them. While they were caught off-guard by how strong their opponents were, this was exactly just what they wanted. What fun would training be if there were not any losses? The girls when through strategic players, fast-paced players, and even caught first hand what Momoko’s stealth mode really consists of. Still, they continued to train all night until all of them were satisfied with their improvement.

The next day, the girls wasted to time training even more as they would call up several strong individual players who were at Tokyo at this time. While it seemed as though no one had responded, Arakawa Kei appeared in front of them, being the only one that replied back to them. Of course, she would not come in empty-handed, as she brought several of her friends that may be able to help them out as well. The girls accepted this generous offer and started to play some games with them. When they were done, the group would return back home. The discussion of Nodoka came when their match was held today as they were training. While Shizuno wonders if her ham was able to advance or not, Arata states that is it is better not to know, for they would not wish to have their morale down if they did indeed lose.

When the girls return to their suite, Arata happens to bump into Harue who was expecting their return. Arata asks if she wanted to know where they went, but Harue trusted her. The sight of her makes them recall the argument that they had about her just a few hours ago. Arata still wanted to believe that she was not doing this for her future job but for her own sake and the sake of the team. Shizuno just happened to spot Kumakura out the window and runs up to her, asking if Harue was truly going to leave them. However, Kumakura informs them that she will not until she sees them potentially head off to the finals and win the whole thing. She will become a professional player after she sees them go as far as they could. Shizuno relays this information to the rest of the team, asking them to promise to get to the finals, as they were stronger than they were before. With their morale high, the girls were ready for whatever challenge that they have to face.

The day of the semi-finals has arrived as Achiga was ready for anything that will be thrown at them. Kuro braves her way to the table, meeting Toki as she was heading inside. Inside, however, Top player Teru was already sitting down, waiting for their arrival. Soon, Hanada Kirame enters the table, completing the four at the table. The lights dim, and the battle to the finals begins!


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