Haiyore! Nyaruko-san: Episode 9

The memory of their kiss still lingers in Mahiro’s mind to the point that he is even dreaming about it. Maybe, unconsciously, he is in love with Nyaruko. But, before anything can happen, Mahiro finds a dakimakura of Nyaruko on his bed with Nyaruko potentially inside it. Mahiro throws it out the window, enjoying the beautifully presented day while ignoring the dakimakura that he threw outside.

Nyaruko is worried that her progression is not going as far as she would like, but Tamao claims that she should just keep trying. After school, Nyaruko tries to be by herself with Mahiro, but he reminded her that they had to do some shopping for Hasuta now that he would be living at his place. The four would go through a clearance store where the same things happen like any other day. Hasuta tries to get Mahiro to fall in love with him by buying suggestive items, only to be stopped by Nyaryko. Nyaruko would try to win him over with her own items, only to have Kuuko distract her. Kuuko would try to seduce Nyaruko, only to be attacked by her. Truly, the cycle never ends, but it is still funny to see the various references they pull off every time they try to get Mahiro.

After everything was over, Nyaruko would get a text message from her boss. Apparently, the Dreamland was still open for attacks for any invading alien since everyone there was dead and the place was completely vacant. Even if Nyaruko and the others went down to protect the front side of the humanity world, the spiritual side would be wide open for attacks. Even so, Nyaruko claims there was nothing to worry about as long as she was on Earth. However, Nodens would appear from behind then, stating that he will take away off of Earth’s entertainment when Magical Girl Evil Luhy comes to stop him. Of course, this would be a play set in front of children, but when Luhy saw that Nyaruko and the others were also watching, she got embarrassed and left.

After a rather peculiar day, danger looms in front of them as someone who looked exactly liked Tamao pointed a camera at them, stating this was the only way to save Earth. She fired it at them, and a bright light surrounded the group. When everyone came to their senses, Mahiro would figure out that his conscious was actually inside Nyaruko’s body. The one who did this was Hasuta’s acquaintance Isuka, a spirit who transported her soul to this world and currently takes possession of Tamao’s boddy. Isuka explains that she needs to take out the extremists who are trying to force their minds into millions of human’s heads so that they can understand Earth’s entertainment more. This is their best time to do so, for the Dreamworld was vacant and had no protectors at this time. Therefore, she wanted to use Nyaruko’s body such that she will be able to defeat said people. However, Hasuta tells her that she could have asked them about it instead of borrowing her body, of which she did not think about. The camera needs one day to charge, so Mahiro will be stuck on her body for at least one day. On that note, Isuka leaves.

Mahiro does not wish to go to school for obvious reasons, but Nyaruko claims that they have to go, but she wanted to act like Mahiro for a day. Nyaruko would then go to the bathroom when Hasuta states that he will protect him, only to he tied up by Kuuko so that she can play with Nyaruko’s body. Mahiro would quickly tie her up before she does so. Nyaruko would come back feeling new, hinting that she did something with his body to make herself feel this way. Mahiro would also go to the bathroom, but tries not to look at her body. he noticed that her body looked very delicate for something protecting her and the world. For a second Mahiro thinks he should be kind to her, only to have her come to the bathroom naked, much to his demise. At night, the three would find themselves inside his bedroom, each with their own reason for wanting Mahiro’s body. Mahiro and writes a note, asking that if Kuuko listens to him, he will give her a letter indicating that Nyaruko will be hers and hers only when the body switch is over. Kuuko easily accepts, listening to his order of sending all three of them to the living room to sleep. Clearly this was not a good day for Mahiro.

Mahiro awaits tomorrow, hoping that Isuka would come and help resolve the situation clearly, but she would not be here today. Even Takehiko would not be here as well. Nyaruko would use this time to take the opportunity to do something that Mahiro would never do in a lifetime. When the teacher came over, Nyaruko would grab Mahiro and bring in to the front of the room. In the body of Mahiro, Nyaruko would shout out that he loves her and wishes for her to marry him. Clearly this day is going to get worse for Mahiro.


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