ISML Amethyst Period 2012: Day 4 Results

Nothing of major importance happened in this period. Kyouko is still not getting much love with a decent loss from Fear. The same can be sable to Homura as she loses to Shiori by above 150 votes. Victorique made a clean rescue for herself as she was able to defeat Subaru.

The same can be said about Stella. Yami and Nymph turned out to be a closer match than I predicted with a 106 victory from Yami. Everyone else did about as expected. Rin and Illya did not really performed as best as I would have hoped and Hitagi is either still under-performing, or that is her performance all along.

For the exhibition matches, Team Taketatsu would be the winners of this one. Newer and more recent shows continue to dominate with Tsugumi and Ayumi possibly riding on their name power. As for the second match, it looks like Kirino and Kyousuke did win this one. While a relatively close match, a loss is a loss. While I expect Tsukihi to be in Regular Season next year, I do not expect her to make a lot of noise.


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