ISML 2012: Amethyst Period: Day 6 Fantasy/Prediction

More must-see matches are coming underway. In particular that I find interesting:


Arena 4: Considering that both characters are weakening in terms of power, this match may prove to be a moral boost for either of the characters. Irisviel still has her Fate/Zero show airing before she completely goes down the slumps, but Kurisu has not have anything aired for her yet. Still, considering how weak Irisviel is, Kurisu should be able to win this, but by a close victory.

Arena 5: Considering that both characters are the weakest of the weak, one of them needs to walk out of this match with at least one victory riding for them this period. With Manami holding one victory from Aquamarine and Meiko having no victories thus far, this is probably one of the few times that Meiko can make a statement. Can she do so it the question to be asked. Sadly, I believe she may need to wait, as I predict Manami will win this one.

Arena 11: This match was going to happen sooner or later. It’s an Ore no Imouto showdown as Kirino and Ruri fight to see who the best competitor is. While it seems to be already decided that Ruri will win this one, Kirino will not have it that way just yet. Kirino has shown some improvement since last year, so Kirino does have a fair chance at taking Ruri out. Still, I believe Ruri will be the victor here.

Arena 15: Well, someone is going to get one victory no matter what. The question now is who. With two of possibly the weakest members of the Nova division, one of them definitely does not wish to go 0-35 by the time this is all over. Sora and Yuno need to give it everything they have if they do not wish to be winless. As for as the winner is concerned, I predict that Sora will win this one.


Arena 21: On any given day, Tomoyo would defeat Rin with ease, but this is not to be the case this time. With Clannad’s popularity slowly diminishing and Rin riding on her Fate/Zero series, Tomoyo is going to have a tough time defeating Rin again at her state. This is Rin’s best time to finally give Tomoyo some of her words, as she is in an excellent position to take out her tough competition. For me, I think Rin can pull it off.

Arena 26: Now this is an interesting match in that Kyou is showing signs of decrease while  Mikuru is at her stable self with hints of slight increase of power. At any given day, Kyou would have no trouble taking Mikuru out. At this rate, the Kyou right now may have trouble taking Mikuru out. Still, I believe Kyou should be able to defeat Miruku. Hopefully, she has not sunken that low in terms of power, right?

Arena 29: Another classic match-up between two veteran warriors. Hinagiku and Shana have been going at each other since 2006. Still after six years, this match comes out as a must see for all moe tournament watchers alike. Both characters have exchanged victories with each other, but Shana would be the victor for a majority of those matches. In another epic clash, these two will fight to see who will gain the upper hand by the end of this one. I believe Shana will be the victor here.

Exhibition matches:

Arena 19: It’s androids all over the place as these four robotic servants fight each other. I think this match is quite lopsided in that The freshest character out of the four is Flower. With Flower in Karakuri’s team, there is no surprise that they are going to win this one. That is not to say that Sumomo is not an old character, but I have a good feeling there are not many people who have watched Mahoromatic to remember Minawa. Well, it cannot be helped, but I think Flower and Karakuri should be the victors here.

Arena 38: And the fangirls are cheering somewhere out in the back. Of course, that is not to say that Shizuo, Izaya, Toushirou, and Sougo are by no means people you want to be up against in a dark alley. But with the pairings happening as such, one cannot help but think that the fujoshis out there are going to faint choosing who they want to win. In any case, I believe Shizuo and Izaya will win.


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