ISML Amethyst Period 2012: Day 5 Results

Charlotte barely tops Aria by 101 votes. Our “win by a close margin” queen continues to perform wonders for us. Interestingly enough, it would be Kobato who would get the victory over Kirino. I guess most of our voters like her more so than her. That, and a possible help would be from the Hanakawa fanbase. Vicorique also gets a much needed victory over Mato. While the results were much closer than before, Victorique still proves that she has what it takes to take her out. Yui also gets an almost 400 vote lead over Sena, It looks like the two Haganai characters have a lot of potential to take on tougher opponents come post-season.

Holo gets a 200 vote victory over Ui. While not an impressive victory, at least Holo is still going out strong for as long as she can. Tomoyo getting near 450 on Yami does not look good on her at all and shows that her power is truly starting to slow down. The same can be said for Nagi and her 350 victory over Tsumugi. Haruhi puts up a good performance over Hinagiku. It seems like Hinagiku’s strength, as well as Hayate no Gotoku’s strength in general is starting drop down a bit. Mikuru manages to get ahead of Ikaros by a close 129 votes.

Not to my surprise, the team of Mio and Ritsu won. This is seriouly not a good day for any Hayate no Gotoku fan. As for the second exhibition match, it was a complete massacre as Tenma and Yakumo gained almost three times as many votes as Karin and Yuzu. At least the Bleach fans tried.


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