Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode Of Side-A: Episode 9

While the episode was mostly about Teru and how she dominated the majority of the match, it can be argued that Toki was the one who was on the spotlight the entire episode.

The game begins like any other match, but more intensely as everyone was aware of Teru’s strength. Luckily Teru was leading the first round so that her destruction would be kept at a minimal level. Toki quickly takes action against her, declaring riichi and eventually winning the next turn. However, that would probably be the last time she would be able to perform such a move again. Teru immediately activates her ability: to analyze the style that all of her opponents are playing in full detail within one turn. Sadly, Kuro was easily overwhelmed by what Teru just did, and by the next round, a frightened Kuro walked into a rather weak hand set up by Teru. However, this would only be the starting point of the damage that she would create later that game.

The next round, Toki would call riichi again, but Teru manages to foil her play by sacrificing a tile of her own, only to get it back from someone else. Toki was then unable to get the ippatsu tsumo that she wins by, walking right into Teru’s hand for another cheap victory. However, Teru would continue to win, and with each successful victory, the amount of points her and is worth slowly increases. Toki will attempt to make sure she does not win by reading the flow of the game one turn ahead. However, even that will not work as Teru still manages to win even upon her disruption. Every time Toki tries to change the flow, Teru continues to win. It was as if there was no stopping this monster player.

Toki recalls the time when she met up with Ryuuka and Sera after her doctor’s appointment. When she received the news that she would be the leading player for the team, she was a bit scared due to the pressures that come with playing first in the team. However, the two of them told her it would be alright and preferred if she played first due to her ability. Toki was also worried because that would mean that she would have to face Teru if indeed they were able to go far. Toki tells them about her new ability, how she is able to see one turn ahead of the game. Sera claims that that ability might just be enough for them to win against that team. However, seeing that Teru is still the dealer, it seems as though all hope may be lost.

Yet, if there was anyone still confidently playing on this table, it was Kirame, who was still smiling even with all that had happened thus far. When Kirame revealed part of her hard, it was obvious what she was going for; however, that was the entire point. Waiting for someone to read her hand, Toki would throw out several possible cards needed for her victory. When the threw one out, Kirame would call the victory. Although a cheap hand, everyone was highly excited as the streak was finally stopped. Kirame tells her that in order to defeat someone like Teru, they would have to work together to stop her. This was a simple method that is easily forgotten when playing the game. Sadly, Kuro was unable to figure out what just happened.

It was finally, Kirame’s turn to make a difference, but Teru would win that round as well, thankfully, with a much weaker hand. With all these powerful players, Kuro is starting to believe that she will be a burden like last time. That cannot happen. She has to make something happen at this time. It was finally Kuro’s turn to be dealer, and Kuro draws.


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