Aquarion Evol: Episode 24

While the majority of the fight and action was mostly between Izumo and Solar Aquarion, I believe the main focus of the show was not just on Amata, but on Alicia and Izumo as well. Here, we get more information on the back story of not only Alicia’s life, but Izumo’s life as well.

We first see Izumo trying to get Mikono away fro Kagura. Kagura would do everything in his power to not only protect Mikono but destroy everyone that comes in his way, nearly wrecking the land they were at. Mix(y) would then come to the aid of Izumo to defeat Kagura, only to be beaten up himself up until Mikono tells him not to hurt her any further. Andy, Cayenne, and Malloy, who came to Altair using an artificial wormhole created by Andy, would arrive just in time before Mix(y)’s machine gets any more serious damage. With Andy as the head, creating Gepard, Andy would grab Mix(y) away for their own fight and get him to remember who he really was before his memory changed. Upon seeing Kagura and those boys fighting for the woman who they love, Izumo questions whether or not he was doing the right thing as well.

Meanwhile, Amata would finally regain consciousness of what was going on. He would start to hear someone calling out his name. Upon reaching closer to the voice, Amata would immediately be transported to where Alicia was kept, of which Alicia would finally wake up to see her son’s face for so long. There was no way Amata can forgive her. She who left to another world while leaving him all alone, how can he even think of acting kin towards her after missing her for so long. Alicia would explain the reason for her departure as well as who Amata’s father was, none other than the ruler of Altair, Izumo himself.

It turns out that, during one of there investigation for inter-dimension travel for women, Izumo would crash near where Alicia was staying at. Here, Alicia would take care of an injured Izumo until he was healed. However, Izumo stayed in Vega at some time, during which he fell in love with her. Izumo would then have to leave for his duty at Altair, hiding this fact from everyone, but not Mikage. Izumo would have to return again to tell her about the Curse of Eve. Alicia would chose to go with him in hopes to save his planet. In a sense, she did abandon Amata for the sake of love, her love for her husband. Alicia known that Amata can never forgive her for what she has done, but Amata does. Amata was proud that his mother would do anything for her love, when he is still unable to do that at this point. All he can think of now was how poorly he acted for just watching her go like that. So, Amata would forgive her.

This warm meeting would come short when Kagura and Izumo takes their fight near their area .Absorbing the powers of the planet itself, Izumo fires a large laser at him, purposefully missing and shaving a part of the moon near it. Izumo tells him once again to give Mikono to him. Not knowing what to do Zessica(Mikage) would take over the controls, firing several lasers at where Amata and Alicia were at. The building they were at was destroyed, crumbed and killing Alicia in the process. Izumo would go to where Alicia was at, only to have Mikage whisper to Kagura that now was the time to eliminate him. Kagura, under his influence, fires an infinity punch at Izumo from behind, nearly killing him. To have the last laugh, Izumo would fire his laser cannon at Kagura, the force so powerful that it separated the Aquarion to its three original parts.

Amata would quickly run up to Izumo, injured from what Kagura did to him. Amata would tell him everything that happened between him and his mother. Izumo would tell him to bring him to Alicia, but, before he does that, he spots some bugs that should have been extinct when the females died off. Apparently, the land they were currently in right now was a restricted part of the planet since Ianthe was unable to draw any energy from it. As it turns out, this land would be the only area in Altair that was still producing life with its females. Ironically, the world that he wanted to save, that he wanted to have, was right under his nose, but it was lamp-shaded with all of the work that he has done to protect it.

The irony would be too much for him as he falls due to the loss of blood. Amata does not want him to die on him as well, not when they have met for the first time and calling him his father. Although Izumo thinks it was all over, Alicia claims that there was still hope left, hope that they have now passed onto Amata. Alicia tells him to be strong and pursue the one whom he loves and fight for it. With that, Alicia and Izumo would leave to the sky, watching over him and his decisions in heaven.


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