ISML 2012: Amethyst Period: Day 7 Fantasy/Prediction

It’s the final period day before the necklace match commences. All of the girls have gone as far as they could, but only a select few is going to have their hand raised by the end of this one. Here are some matches to look forward to:


Arena 6: With Kobato obtaining a nice victory over Kirino, maybe, just maybe, she has a chance over her opponent today, Ruri. With two gothic lolita dressers as well as two girls voiced by Hanazawa Kana, the seiyuu fans and lolicons out there are pulling their hairs as to who they should support. However, I believe Ruri is going to win this one. She is just too powerful for Kobato to handle.

Arena 11: This is Kyouko’s big chance to get out of the winless zone. With Sora as one of the weakest characters in Regular Season, Kyouko needs to make this opportunity to get a win for herself and not hold the PMMM faction back. However, she may need some help, since Sora already has last year’s experience to get things to go the way she wants them in her tier. I believe Sora may be able to get a win off of Kyouko.

Arena 18: Yuri and Yui face off in a rather dangerous intra-series match-up. Yui and Yuri have been known to be close both personally and in voting strength. Yet, over postseason, it seems as though Yui has gotten much stronger and is at a head of steam ever since. Yuri is doing her pest to catch up, and, during regular season, she has managed to do so. While this match may come across as close, I believe the victor of this match wil be Yui. Yui won the intra-series match last year. I believe the same will occur this year.


Arena 25: Only one of them is going to get to the necklace round. Who is it going to be? For me, I believe that Mikoto will be the likely victor here. The Tiara effect does not look to have happened yet, so Mikoto should still be at her full power, even if it has slightly weakened. As for as Yuki is concerned, she is going to have a tough time defeating her. Yuki was not able to touch her last year, and it does not look like she will be able to do it again this time now that she is battling Mikoto in the early goings of the season.

Arena 27: Again, it is another case of who’s staying and who’s going. However, this match is quite interesting in its own right. To this day, Mio has not been able to take Taiga out. In fact, Taiga was the first person to defeat her back in 2010 and defeated her again by a mere 2 votes in 2011. Sadly, the pattern is going to stay the same. With Taiga as even stronger than the last year, Mio does not look to be able to defeat her, and her Tiara victory is going to make it that much worse for her. Taiga should be able to defeat her.

Arena 29: This is definitely a feast for the eyes. Another K-On! vs. Kugimiya Rie battle, Shana and Azusa will battle it out to see who the best competitor is. However, this will be yet another Shana victory. While Azusa is indeed a force to be reckoned with, against someone like Shana, she would need all the strength she can muster from her fanbase to help her out. Unfortunately, that will not be enough, as I predict that Shana will be the likely victor of this match.


Arena 19: Talk about yuri pairings and relationships. This might be a treat to some fans, but the hard, cold truth will shout at them eventually. While all four of these girls appeared this this year’s preliminary phase and Kyouko was the one who made it to regular season, I still believe that Ruiko and Kazari will win this one. It is unfortunate that PMMM is not very popular in ISML, but maybe as a team, they will be able to do something extraordinary. Miki and Kyouko are going to have to pull all the stops here if they want to win. Still, Ruiko and Kazari should win.

Arena 38: I actually cannot believe that this match is happening, but there it is. Shana and Yuuji will face Haruhi and Kyon to see who the better pairing is. If I even have the venture a guess, I will say that Haruhi and Kyon make the better couple of the two. While Shana may be stronger than Haruhi, Kyon is by far more popular than Yuuji. Even if their Final Season is newer and fresh, when it comes to couples, between the two, the fans are going to choose Haruhi and Kyon for the sake of choosing that pairing. I believe Kyon and Haruhi will win this match together.


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