Tasogare Otome X Amnesia: Episode 10

Finally, we get to see just what happened 60 years ago through the eyes of Yuuko with Teiichi watching through her subconsciousness. While Teiichi was able to sense and feel Yuuko’s every movements, he is to know that this is only going to have a tragic ending, since he knew she died on that fateful day.

Yuuko would get ready with meet up with her friend when her younger sister, Yukariko tells her not to, because she had the plague. Yuuko stated that she merely had a cold, but when Yukariko continues to tell her not to go, Yuuko would slap her to wake her up, stating that everything would be alright. Yuuko would still go to her house, but the pain from that slap is felt in Teiichi’s hand. The person whom she was to meet was Asa, a rather sickly girl. The doctors told her that she only had the flu, so she should be grateful about it. Still, that does mean that she is sick, and Asa tells her not to be with her anymore. But Yuuko wanted to because she was a precious person to her. When Yuuko picks up a piece of candy that she gave to Asa, of which she spat out, Asa tells her not to eat it, for if she were to get sick, it would be her fault, and she too cannot cope if she were to catch the plague as well. Yuuko tells her that everything is okay and that none of them will catch it. To keep the promise, Yuuko would hand her one of the bells in her wrist, a good luck charm for her to keep.

Yuuko would leave, spotting Yukariko who was highly worried about her, crying even. Upon walking back home, both saw the carnage that was lying around them. The amount of people dying was increasing, and there was nothing any of them can do about it. Upon seeing the village elders, they decided to follow them, hoping to attain some information on what may happen next. Sheaking up to them all the way to the school building, the elders would talk about how badly the plague is for everyone and how may people it killed. One of them snaps, saying that all of this was a curse because they build this school over a shrine and now the gods have started to take their revenge on them. They state that they should provide a sacrifice for the gods before it is too late. They start to think about who would be a good sacrifice until one of them states that it must be a pure, young person full of life, not a criminal or an elder who’s about to die. He states that they should ask the Red Woman who to select out of the villagers here who would be a good sacrifice for them. Whenever the higher-ups think like this, one knows they are crazy to think of such superstition, even at that time, and something bad is going to happen to them. Upon hearing this information, Yuuko and Yukariko run, only for them to hear Yuuko’s bell ring. The village chiefs hear this and starts chasing after them. The two manage to hid just in time for them to trace their steps somewhere else.

That night, they decided to bring Asa to their house, because they cannot leave her alone after what they have heard. Yuuko and Yukariko would go to the bath together. Yuuko would tell her that she has to do something about those men. Yukariko would tell her not to, but Yuuko insisted that she must do something. Yukariko slaps her, telling her to value her live more, but Yuuko reminds her that in the crisis they were in, they have to help each other out somehow. Yukariko would leave the bathroom saddened. Although Yuuko does not understand why her sister thinks that way, Teiichi knows that Yukariko is just worried about her and loves her deeply because of it. He would also note that she used to be more emotional back then than she is now, acting like how a normal girl should be.

Yuuko leaves the bath, only to not find Asa, who left her yukata on the floor. Yukariko would tell her that she has not seen her since leaving the bath. When Yuuko finds out that her yukata was badly torn, Yuuko quickly runs back to the school, saving Asa from becoming the sacrifice. However, that would not be so. Upon entering the storage shed, Yuuko would find that the village elders held her captive as the Red Woman. When she calls out Yuuko’s name, all of them start to gang up on her, capturing her and throwing her into the hole where the shrine was built over. There, Yuuko would break her leg, unable to do anything.

Although badly injured, she found her position to be a good one, now knowing that Asa and Yukariko would not be sacrificed. Upon finding the buried shrine, Yuuko would walk up to it. When opening it, she saw herself, dirty and unclean. She hated it; she was afraid of it. She wanted to run away, get out, and seek help. However, with each passing pull, the fire from the candles would disappear one by one, frightening her. Yuuko did not want to die, not like this. She wonders what she deserved to have this done to her. She would then think about Asa, how she called her name, an d, for a split second, hated her. Yuuko would then snap herself back, thinking that she should not think this way, for whoever was thinking these thoughts was not her but someone else. These final moments of thinks that she was a pure person who does not hate would create a manifestation of her anger using the mirror as a catalyst. Yuuko would then find herself inside the club room that she was thrown out from, only to have Shadow Yuuko close behind her.


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