ISML Amethyst Period 2012: Day 6 Results

Kurisu manages to get a near 200 vote victory over Irisveil. At least, we know that Kurisu has some fight left, but not much. Menma gets very close victory off of Minami by 33 votes. It look like Memna was finally able to break off her winless streak. Speaking on winness, Sora gets a decisive victory over Yuno. It looks like we have a candidate who may as well hold the crown for obtaining no victories.

Rin defeating Tomoyo by 83 votes was expected, but it was still a sad sight to see, as a Clannad fan. However, I have to admit that Fate/Zero really did wonders for today’s matches. The most notable match that I am referring to is Saber defeating Azusa by exactly 140 votes. One would think that Azusa would have this one even if Saber still has an ongoing series, but Saber manages to defy the odds and actually defeat her. I wonder if the latest Fate/Zero episode did something for the cast. With Saber acting like this, if she can maintain that level of power, she will sure be a force to be reckoned with against the likes of Mio and Yuki. On another note, this really is not Clannad’s day as Kyou would lose to Mikuru by 102 votes. It looks like the Clannad ship is starting to sink. Surprisingly enough, Yami gets a victory over Konata, which I thought would be the other way around. Maybe the thought of a new To Love Ru anime is starting to spread among the fans.

I really think Flower was the overall deciding factor of this match, as her team had about twice as many votes as Minawa and Sumomo. The second exhibition match was expected. Toushirou and Sougo tried, but Shizuo and Izaya managed to stay strong in the end.


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