ISML 2012: Amethyst Period: Day 8 Fantasy/Prediction

The Amethyst Necklace is up for grabs as seven girls fight to see who has what it takes to obtain this necklace. On paper, Taiga looks to have another shot at winning this match, but with Shana as an added factor to the group once again, Taiga will suffer from split votes like she sadly does f the last necklace match was of any indication. From this note, Ruri would be the second best person to obtain the necklace. With the second highest SDO and no one to slow her down, Ruri looks to have the Amethyst Necklace within her grasp. However, there is Nagato to consider. With her victory over Mikoto, this may be an indication that people want her for as a three-peat Amethyst Necklace champion. However, with such a poor SDO disadvantage, her chances of pulling what Shana and Kanade did is quite slim. I think Ruri will win the necklace.

The 7 free-for-all exhibition match turns out to be very simplified. The first one will be between Rin, Victorique, and Kirino. I believe Rin will win since she still had Fate/Zero riding on for her. The second match would be a battle between Mio and Haruhi. Mio should be able to win this one with ease. The third exhibition match is easily Ritsu’s victory. There is no one in her group who is able to stand a chance against her. As for as the Amethyst Brooch is concerned in the mini-necklace match, it looks like a battle between the three veterans Nagi, Holo, and Ikaros. While it is hard to decide who of the three will win, I think Holo has a good shot at winning this one.

For the singular exhibition match, Dalian is most likely going to win due to her recency over Yin. The same cane be applied with Haruka over Kobato. The third exhibition match is difficult to figure out, but I think Ayu had a good chance of defeating Hinata, even if Hinata’s series is more recent than hers.

For the tag team exhibition match, I believe that Eru and Mayaka will be the victor here. Even if Kore wa Zombie just finished airing, Eru and Mayaka should win because their series is still airing.


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