Nazo No Kanojo X: Episode 11

Aika is doing everything in her power to make sure that this one day will make Akira decide to become her boyfriend instead of Mikoto. From clinging onto him and bringing him to places with her outfit, it seems as though Akia is doing anything to make him hers. What she seems to have forgotten is that she called a certain someone out to see the development between the two.

While all of this was happening, Kouhei and Ayuko were having their own fun at the festival. Ayuko wanted to go to the maid cafe, but Kouhei had to use the bathroom first. When Kouhei returned, not only does he not find Ayuko saving a seat for him, but he finds out that she was wearing their maid outfit, courtesy of the maid cafe opportunity. Of course, Kouhei would be turned on by her attractive look, but other customers wished to have her picture, which angers him. Since Kouhei is a possessive type of boyfriend, any boy who was looking at her would ignite his anger and made him leave the cafe. While Ayuko knows this, she does wish he would be more lenient on the matter.

She is easily distracted when she sees Akira with another girl from the other side of the building. Ayuko wastes no time tailing them up until a section of the school where no students were found. Here, Aika would bring him inside the classroom where the two could be alone together. It seems like Aika even has the room set up such that it matches a certain incident in their middle school lives. Here, Aika recalls the time where they were in the school committee where the two would usually be the ones working all day until sunset. At one point, Aika would open the window, her hair swaying with the wind and the sunset lightening her face. With this combination, Akira would try to hug her from behind, but was caught before he was able to do it. In fact, Akia actually knew what he was trying to do to her. Creating that same mood again, she asks if he wished to hug her at this moment. Of course, Akira can’t do that because he already has a girlfriend, but Aika insists, asking if the feeling he had for her were a lie in the end. Mentally forced into the corner, Aika has no choice but to be desperate. She takes some drool from her mouth and presents it to Akira, asking him right then and there to decide whether or not he will be with her or not.

Ayuko, seeing all of this, tries to stop them, but someone prevents her from going. The robot in disguise turns out to be Mikoto, who seemed to have a general sense of what was happening. Here, Mikoto would come in and actually give her permission to test out what his feelings are right then and now. Mikoto sets up a stipulation where Akira would be blindfolded. The two girls would decide which drool Akira should taste first in a rock-paper-scissors contest. After that will Akira decide which drool taste better for him. Aika accepts the challenge, believing she as nothing to lose. Mikoto would win the challenge, of which she gives him her drool first. Akira quickly gets a nosebleed immediately noting that that was Mikoto’s drool.

Using her scissors, Mikoto cuts up her costume to reveal that she was actually naked. Mikoto would tell Aika that Akira knows that she is naked despite being unable to see her. That was how strong the connection she has with him. Mikoto asks if she was willing to go that far to prove her worth for him. Aika was not afraid, taking her clothes off and presenting him her drool. While giving him her drool, Aika would start crying. This was where this game ends. Mikoto tells her that she does not feel any love towards Akira, and the tears represent that, unconsciously, she was holding back. Aika claims that this was not true, but Akira would tell her that she should stop this. Because Aika was reently dumped, she must be confused about what to do in her situation. Here, Akia would drop into tears, talking about her previous love life and how it never came to be. Mikoto would attempt to cheer her up by tasting some of her drool and was surprised by how sweet it was. Mikoto tells her that there will be a time when someone would truly accept her as who she was and her feelings will be mutual then, all from the taste of her drool.

The blindfold on Akira’s head would eventually drop, and he would see two naked girls that he love standing in front of him. It took Ayuko to come in and tell them that he could see them naked for Mikoto and Aika to react and knock him out. Ayuko would ask them what they were trying to achieve by standing there naked in broad daylight. For probably the first time after the break up, Aika would laugh very hard, finding out know how silly she was doing all of this. Aika would admit that she was feeling depressed when her boyfriend dump her and was intruding on their relationship. After meeting with Mikoto, Aika thinks that now is a good time to move on with her life and thanks Mikoto for waking her up.

After the festival was over, Akira apologizes to Mikoto, asking her if she was angry. Mikoto claims that she was not, stating that a similar situation has happened has happened to her before with her crush. If given the opportunity she would probably do the exact same thing Akira was going. Akira would get angry, of which Mikoto states that that was a lie. She tells him that the feelings he has at this moment would be the exact feelings she would have have towards him, asking him not to do it again. Akira would apologize once more for his actions, but asks if she had a crush before. Mikoto would inform her that he was the first boyfriend she ever had, and, had they kissed, it would be her first. At this point, Mikoto would take some of his drool, revealing a smiling face due to tasting it. Mikoto would run away embarrassed, telling him that he really was a boy in thinking about these types of things. of which both physically and mentally are true.


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