Aquarion Evol: Episode 25

Amata is clearly angry that everything that he has was taken away from him. Wasting little time, he sets off to find Kagura and knock some sense into him. Amata transforms into one head of Aquarion and starts beating Kagura up, telling him that he not only killed their father, but took away everything that was important to him. Everything he had was what Amata wished to have from the start. Kagura would transform into one head of Aquarion as well. He states that he was only raised by Mikage, and every day was pure hell. The only one whom he could trust was Silvie, the girl whom he love for so long. He claims that Amata is the reason why they were not with Silvie 12,000 years ago, that he is weak, and becuase of his weakness, he let things like his love for Sylvie and their mother slip away from him. Amata states that that is not true. This was not about destiny. He didn’t love Mikono because of destiny. Amata loves her as she is right now, and no fate decided that outcome. Amata lives for the present, while Kagura relies on the past. That was the key difference between the two. The whole fight was not simply a challenge of breaking destiny or not, but a right for which story shall pass; the one of the past, or the one of the present and near future.

Meanwhile, Altair was sucked into a large black hole and reappeared near Vega, much to everyone’s surprise. Here, they were able to detect Gepard as Andy continues to get into Mix(y)’s head. Andy would finally get a hold of Mix’s machine. Not letting go, he creates a hole in front of her and tries to get inside, but Mix(y) squeezes him inside the hole he created. Not giving up, Andy tells him to remember him. If anything, remember the times they have spent together as well as with everyone else. The memories start to fill up Mix(y)’s brain until finally, she does recall everything again. Although, Mix remembers everything, her body is still that of a guy. However, Andy does not mind as long as the heart contains the girl he loves. The two would return to Gepard and attempt to form another Union with everyone again, but they would soon be switched off together by Yunoha. Of course, everyone back at Neo-Denva was glad for Mix’s safe return, but it does not seem as though Andy is going to have a chance to Union with a girl anytime soon.

Although Altair was moving in closer to Vega as they speak, there was nothing that Neo-Denva an do about its eventual collision. Zen stares from above, stating that the future would have the two worlds combine and make Mikage god. However, Crea states if that was what he truly wished. Is he going to stand there idly while watching that future unfold while having millions of people in both worlds die in the process, as well as the students from their school that they cherish so much? She asks if he will stand there unmovable like how he was 12,000 years ago as well as 24,000 years ago? Fudo only reveals a smile and disappears from Crea’s sight.

Mikono finally wakes up and attempts to stop Kagura and Amata, but is stopped by Zessica, whom she now knows she was Miyage. Mikage tells her about his past, how he thought he had finally reunited with his lover, but that soon changed with the revelation during the Union. Mikage will make sure that she same thing will not happen again. This time, things will go his way, and he will be the new god of the world so that the world would feel how it is like to have their love trampled over and over again. Mikage forces Mikono to merge with him to form two parts of Aquarion. He would then brainwash Kagura and force him to also merge with him as well. With the two forced merges, it would me Mikage who would call out the name Aquarion and perfectly transform into it. However, this Aquarion would have a new, darker look. Its name: Ancient Aquarion.

Quickly, Amata goes out to confront it. With Yunoha and Cayenne behind him, he transforms into Aquarion Evol. The final fight between the past and the future commences.


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