Recorder to Randoseru: Episode 25

There was only one slice of marble cake left, so Takumi states that they should have a challenge to see who gets the last piece of cake. Atsushi suggested a race, but Takumi claims that he would easily win that given his size. Because Hina, Jun, and Midori were playing as well, Tetsuya tells him that they would have to come up with a non-athletic game to be fair. The group decides to play hide-and-seek during recess, but, given Atsushi’s size, he is the one with the clear disadvantage over the rest.

The policewomen arrive during recess to give another lecture about traffic safety, but they find Atsushi, whom they have caught before, hiding among trash cans. Because his location is revealed by the policewomen, Atsushi has no choice but to run if he wanted to get the last piece of cake. The policewoman continue to chase after him up until the auditorium where they finally catch him. However, everyone was waiting for them to show up, and Tetsuya and Takumi asked where Atsushi has been. Moriyama-sensei tells the policewomen that he was a student of hers. Due to the awkward situation, the policewomen had to quickly come up with a situation and managed to fool the students into thinking they were trying to teach them something.

Finally, there would be some adults that also understand that Atsushi is just a grade-schooler, not a suspicious person that everyone claims him to be. One of the policewoman wonders if there was some way they could help him, but the other policewoman states that there would be a time when they would meet him again. Sadly, that time would be immediately after school when Atsushi was walking home with Hina. The glasses-girl from Moritasan wa Mukuchi makes a cameo appearance by telling her what happened, but, of course, a majority of what she said was what she wished to to do to Morita and herself.


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