Medaka Box: Episode 12 (Final Episode)

With Medaka unable to be in school due to injury and the student council room completely destroyed in the fight against Myouri, the student council looks to be one without any control and full of dysfunction. However, the opposite easily holds true as Zenkichi, Kouki, and Mogana were doing everything in their own nice pace. Indeed as the calm atmosphere is what a student council should be, all three of them realize that the only way that there was any trouble happening in their time was if they were dragged around by Medaka’s speed. While it is true that without Medaka, things were getting done at a much slower pace, but this was the kind of peace that all three of them were hoping from the start. Yet, at the same time, all of them miss the moments that Medaka did drag around them with. In truth, this was not a student council if Medaka was not around. Magana stated it quite clearly: it was not that Medaka pulls the troubles out of people, but that she helps them bloom until a solution is resolved. That was what Medaka does.

However, wishing for Medaka to come back was logical, but not to be done anytime soon as Mogana asks Zenkichi to check the suggestion box if there was anything inside. Of course, with the clubroom completely destoryed, hardly anyone would want to put a request inside a broken suggestion box, yet inside the temporary council room was the president of the shogi club, Mochibaru Sasae. Sasae’s request was simple; she needs help in finding a missing shogi piece, most likely inside their club room. But with their club room in a total mess, it seemed almost impossible to find such a small piece in a world of junk. Yet, the piece itself was important for the game, for the missing piece was none other than the king. Like Sasae’s request, the student council was missing their “king” as well, but they do not need her orders in order to perform this task.

Indeed, the tree of them recognize that what they were doing was what was inside of them at this time: their own search for Medaka. If it were not for her, neither of the three would be doing such a mundane task together and be fine with it. Mogana would have probably stayed in the swim club, Kouki would take over the Judo club, and Zenkichi would finally get his peaceful life without Medaka pulling him by the collar The experiences the three would have experienced together would have never have happened, and their personalities  would have stayed the same if Medaka had not entered their life. Such a being was to be thanked for for all of those things.

Sadly, after a tight search, the king piece was never to be found. After checking the rest of the shogi sets, Kouki claims that all of them were without kings. This was not a “lost item” case anymore; this is a case of theft. Kouki easily gets to the chase, asking Sasae if she believes Natayama Miri’s doing. Miri was a prodigy shogi player who surprisingly left the shogi club, mostly likely because she was not considered as a presidential candidate for the club. Because of her strict playing style and harsh teachings, Sasae would be the first one to confront to her to tell her that a majority of them wished to play for fun, not to become pro players. She asks if she can tone her teaching style down a bit, but this would make her furious instead, causing her to leave the room. There was a good chance that, during her fury, she would take away all the king shogi pieces from the clubroom and leave.

Zenkichi, Kouki, and Mogana head up to the roof where Miri was located. Kouki asks if she knew anything about this, but Miri claims that she does not. She also states that she has no reason to, given how poor the current shogi members were to only realize now that there was a piece missing in only one of the sets. It makes it seem as though she has wasted much of her time in the club for no reason. However, the way she states it makes it almost clear that she was the criminal. Kouki states that this was more than enough evidence to have the teachers do something about her, but what good was the student council if they had to rely on teachers? Zenkichi instead challenges her to a game of shogi, of which if he wins, she is to return the king pieces to the club. Miri laughs at at first, but seeing his determination to defeat her, Miri takes on the challenge. The game Zenkichi sets up is mawari shogi, a child’s game about turning a pawn piece into its highest rank by moving around the board several times to gain that rank using the gold generals as “dice.” Clearly, this was not what Miri had in mind, but this was the only way they could play since the king piece was missing. Zenkichi tells her that she may be a pro player, but she ran away from the throne due to her actions, thus dethroned from the presidency. Unlike her, the jade general, the supposed highest piece of the original game, continues to fight its way to become a mainstream name for people to use. The term “king” was derived from a misprint for the word jade, and it has been used ever since. However, that does not mean that people have forgotten that the jade general still exist and is fighting. Like the jade general, this was what Miri should have done, but failed to do so.

Miri finds it ironic that she was getting lectured by something she was advanced in, but that was what she gets for making a fool out of herself. The next day, the shogi pieces would be returned to the clubroom as if nothing happened that day. Miri became a member of the shogi club and was a bit brighter than she previously appeared. As for the student council, even with out Medaka, they were still able to get a job well done. Unlike shogi pieces, they did not need a king in order to start. They can still function just as well by themselves. However, how far will this go, now that some new villains have appeared in the last second of this episode. It seems like a second season has been green-lit.


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