Sankarea: Episode 11

Rea quickly enters the house, wanting to know where her father and Chihiro were. Unfortunately, none of the maids were supposed to tell her anything. Instead, several of Danichirou’s henchmen were finally able to catch her using the distraction. The maids then asked Aria if she wanted to speak to her, of which she does not. That means, to waste time, the two maids decide to take things into their own hands. The maids forced a handcuffed Rea to do their bidding by making her wear various outfits such as a maid and a bunny suit. Of course, Rea has no time for such childish pranks and breaks free of the handcuffs with the maids watching as she goes freely.

Danichirou wants to settle this match in a rather proper fashion. He brings Chihiro to a fencing arena of which, to his angst, there was a large picture of him and Rea in fencing attire together. Here, Danichirou would tell him to choose whatever format he wants to fight against him, even barehanded. To be fair, Chihiro wears a fencing outfit despite knowing nothing about fencing nor know how to fight. Danichirou asks why Rea chose such a weak kid, but, of course, he doesn’t get it yet. Taunting him, Chihiro tells him straight out what many other viewers have wanted to say to him: he’s disgusting, a man who tries to force his own ideals onto his daughter when he himself does not truly know her feelings as well. His odd hobby is beyond the relationship of a parent and their daughter; anyone would want to run away from such a house. Before he should even talk about how one should protect Rea, he should first consider her feeling and thoughts about those ideas first, something of which he has not done for all these years. Chihiro would even go far to tell him that he does not want to protect Rea; he simply wishes to keep her for himself for she looks like a replicate of his first deceased wife.

By the time Chihiro tells him to let her go, Danichirou stabs him through the outfit with his fencing sword. Rea, who arrived a little too tale, saw as Danichirou stabs further into his body. Yet, Chihiro manages to headbutt him in the face. With Danichirou in pain, Rea takes the time to check Chihiro out, but Chihiro would do the checking as he examines her in a bunny outfit at a whole new level. As for why he is still moving, Chihiro deducts that it must have been Rea’s saliva that time that made him temporarily immune to injuries as well as having enough strength to make a headbutt phase the father. Yet, since Danichirou wanted to win no matter what, he attempts to cut his head off when Rea quickly takes out the sword from Furuya’s body an knocks it into the air, piercing the picture of the two from above.

Danichirou, who goes so far as to move to America to find a cure for her “illness,” asks why she is wants to be with a guy like Chihiro. It seems like he still doesn’t get it yet. Rea never wanted to be saved. In fact, she was fine with the way that she is currently. If anything, it was Chihiro that saved her. When his father asked if she was fine with this short freedom and impure lifestyle, Chihiro could not stand it any longer and tells him what many viwers wanted to say long ago as well: Rea never wanted to be superior; she wanted to be normal. In Chihiro’s eyes, Danichirou never fulfilled any of the wishes that she wanted, only granting the wishes he forced onto her. Rea was never satisfied with that. How could she? However, Chihiro tells him one thing. It is true that he may not be able to protect her, but then the time comes, he may need to ask him for some favors, as he too wanted to be with Rea in the future. Seeing the determination and resolve of Chihiro, her father decides to let her stay at his place. However, that does not mean than he is going to give up on her just yet. He will fly to America on his own to search for the cure for her “illness,” so only until he finds one, he can have her. Nonetheless, he will not forgive him if he takes her chastity away from her. Is it even possible to make out with a zombie?

When things calmed down, Chihiro would faint due to blood loss. Chihiro wakes up in his bed at his home where Mero, Rea, in a nurse outfit, and two other maids were with him. With his zombie effect gone, Chihiro was finally able to feel the pain in his stomach where the stab was; however, it was eventually satisfying as he was able to see Rea in a nurse outfit. This temporary heavenly feel would be disrupted when Ranko comes in the check how he was doing. Of course, her reaction to Rea in a nurse outfit was much different than Chihiro’s reaction. Here, Ranko would be able to properly introduce herself to her, as their last meetup was rather unpleasant. Ranko tells her that not only was she her fiance but also human. While the fiance was a joke, the fact that she emphasizes the fact that she is human makes it more so what her thoughts are for her. Clearly, based on her introduction, Rea knew that she herself was also in love with Chihiro. This might get a bit troubling.


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