Fate/Zero: Episode 25 (Final Episode)

If I had to summarize what the final episode of this series was like, I would call it a cuisine made up of Pandora’s box with a sprinkle of hope in the dessert. It was a near mental breakdown of almost every character in the series, and the person smiling off of it was none other than the team of Kirei and Archer.

Kiritsugu orders Saber to destroy the Grail, of which she does. However, the grail would take form into the dark hole that Kiritsugu has seen in his dream. Instead of rain, the grail would spit out its contents in an overflowing manner, destroying the city and its inhabitants. When Kiritsugu destroyed the grail, he was expecting it to be gone forever. Never did he thought it would come to this. This was not what he wanted. He wanted to save the world, and the grail is doing the exact opposite. Kiritsugu desperately searches for a living soul, someone who survived what the grail had done, but finding no such luck.

Meanwhile, Kirei has somehow reawakened himself after getting shot at by Kiritsugu. He knows he should be dead, given that there was no heartbeat in his body, yet he is still conscious. Gilgamesh, naked most likely by the effect of the Grail, tells him that they seemed to have won, as he was somehow given flesh and Kirei has attained a new life. Gilgamesh states that this was the grail’s answer to what was inside his heart the entire time. When Kirei looked around, all he could do was laugh. Could destruction really be what was inside his heart? It was highly ironic for a man of the church, but as long as it filled the missing hole that was inside his heart, this was more than enough information to tell him what kind of man he is on he inside. A mirror opposite of Kiritsugu’s wish of world peace, Kirei’s wish was world destruction. However, he wanted more than just this. He could not simply take this as an answer. He wishes to find out why this was his true desire and the reasons behind it. Of course, Archer would be with him to see this through to the end. Before he does so, Kirei would soon find Kiritsugu roaming around in the rubble. Kirei takes this as a direct challenge, but Kiritsugu has no time for him; rather, he ignores him. Kirei leaves him like that in his abandoned state. With Kiritsugu like that, there was no need for Kirei to care about him. It was interesting how he can simply up and go from him when he dedicated most of his time to taking him down. I guess even someone like him can find pity on his greatest rival.

We get a short clip of Kariya returning to the Mato household, despite losing almost all of his life. He manages to take Sakura home to the place where she truly belongs. Of course, Rin was very happy of her return as was Aoi. Even Rin and Sakura called him “Father.” This was the dream that he wanted to fulfill all this time, but it would only be just that, a dream. At his final moment, Kariya would fall in front of Sakura and drop as the insects devour his carcass. Her final words to him as that he was a fool until the very end for disobeying their grandfather, words he surely did not want to hear from the person he wanted to save.

After this grail war was over, things seemed to have quieted down. For Waver, it was back to living a calm life with his “grandparents.” He tells them that he is thinking about traveling the world as well, trying to follow the footsteps of Rider and what he failed to accomplish. Before he does so, he needs to find a job to get the money to start it, so he asks if he can stay here just a while longer. Of course, they eagerly agree to it, even wanting him to stay here forever if he could. Afterwards, Rider returns to his room, looking at the mes Rider made before he left. Inside, he finds an unopened bag that had some of the contents that were meant for him. Truly, it felt as though he was going to come back soon. However, instead of waiting, Waver will go on to fulfill his own dream while aspiring to be like the man who changed his life.

Kirei, Rin, and several other powerful people would be at the cemetery praying for the death of her father. While Kirei was proud of how she acted as the new head of the Tohsaka family, she did not want to hear it from the words of someone whom she does not trust. Kirei would ask her to bring her mother along as well, of which she does. It seems that Aoi was not killed by Kariya’s hands, so it appears as though Kariya was sane enough then not to kill her. However, Aoi was suffering from mental shock, not only believing that her husband was alive but that Sakura was still with her as well. It was as if she was living in her own fantasy world, ignoring reality and what society has removed from her. It was a near pitiful sight to see for even Rin to muster. Kirei tells her that he will leave for a bit ans asked if there was anything she wanted, of which Rin stated nothing. Because she was the new head, Kirei presented her the Azoth dagger, what Tokiomi gave him for becoming a full-fledged mage. Of course, this was just salt on her wounds, as the memories of her father flooded her head. Yet, Kirei smiled as she cried.

Saber finds herself in the battlefield once again, all alone as the sole survivor of the war. She recalls what Berserker told her, stating that despite loving Guinevere, she never questioned him. He wanted to be punished by her hands, but she continued to do nothing. He claims that had she followed her anger, he would have not been in the Berserker class. However, if anything, Berserker tells her that she was a great king until the end, and all who served her believed thus. She cannot accept it, such final words from him. She was not a great king; she did not lead the people. If anything, she wanted to turn back time to fix this mistake. She wanted the grail again by any means necessary.

Because he returned empty-handed, Kiritsugu was unable to return to the Einzbern family, meaning that he would never see Irisviel ever again. Even if he had lost her, there was still meaning in his life, for on that fateful day, he was able to rescue a boy who was at the brink of death. That boy was Shirou. As people began to reconstruct the city, he would only sit and watch as the events unfold. Five years later, Kiritsugu would tell Shirou the story of the time when he wanted to be a hero, but failed to become one in the end. Shirou would tell him that since he could not be one, he will become one in his place. To continue the story about the man who wished for nothing but to save the world. For Kiritsugu, those words meant a lot to him. It was as though he can finally rest in peace now that he knows someone would be able to uptake his dream in his place. A bright light shines above Saber, almost calling out her name. Indeed there was some hope left in this world. That hope would all he in the hands of a boy named Shirou Emiya.


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