Los Angeles and Preparing for Anime Expo

And thus, I have arrived to Los Angeles, the sacred city of angels, for one reason, and one reason only: to prepare myself for the biggest convention in the United States, Anime Epxo. This will be a major page on my life, as if may be one of the few times, of not only, that I would recall a trip that may make be feel elated. Of course, I should not get my hopes too high, as anything can make it a major downfall, but I cannot help but be hyped about this convention.

I should be very grateful though. Nearly two months ago, an internet acquaintance in a forum I daily visited stated that he had a spare ticket from working as a staff at the contention, In over-excitement, I was the first to jump for the ticket, and the ticket package was given to me. Of course, at that time, I disregarded the fact that I should have asked my parents first before going, but because it was such a great opportunity, I sadly could not help myself to take it. Someone else could have easily taken it and had the fun that I may have had. Looking back, I really should have asked my parents first.

Of course, from getting the ticket, I forgot about setting up a hotel to stay it. Desperately, I asked my friends whether or not any of them were going, most of which were not planning on attending since it was so far (we were from New York). My friend, who was staying in California for college, tells me that she would be going this year as well and would not mind if I could stay at her apartment. With another friend also going along as well whom I am close to, I find myself very lucky that all these coincidences managed to happen in one go.

This meant that the only thing that I had to pay for was a plane ticket. While finding the place ticket I have managed t4o find a decent flight for a cheap price, but before I could buy it, I would have to tell my parents about it first. At first, they did not wish for me to since there were few people going, so I had to lie to them that many people were coming, finally getting a yes. Getting a plane ticket after their consent, I thought I was ready for the trip, or so I thought. Two days before the flight, I would tell my parents that we were not all going at the same flights. This would make them furious, as they believe that we were all going t the same time. I did tell my friends about the fight that I took; however, it appears that my other friend took a different flight most likely due to the fact that, by the time he found my flight, it was completely booked. Finding out that this was not true, my parents would then believe that everything I said was false, which was true. Unable to know that to do, I had a mental breakdown and talked to my friend about solving this issue. The answer was so simple, but I was not the type to lie, nor know how to build them up. In the end, I managed to calm them down after telling them everything that they wanted to know. They are that type of parents.

Today, I am now here inside my friends apartment, a mile away from the convention. Truly, I feel blessed to have everything connecting together so coincidentally. I am sure something like this would never happen again. Sadly, I doubt it will until I graduate from college and go to a graduate school.


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