Acchi Kocchi: Episode 11

It’s New Years, and the gang woke up early to visit the shrine, only for Sakaki to forget to call Io to wake him up and tell them to meet up with them. Without much of a choice, The group decided to visit his house, but Io would open the door half-asleep. Mayoi would use herself as bait to get him outside, but Io slams the door shut. Instead, Mayoi would force Hime to do something about Io. While Hime delivers a very humble speech, Io would already leave the house prepared to go, despite being half asleep. However, because he was half-asleep, it was throublesome for him to move around so much in the early hours of the day, so Mayoi suggest using Tsumiki as his guide, of which he falls on Tsumiki, much to everyone’s surprise. With everyone seemingly ready to go, the gang was set to visit the New Year’s shrine once again.

The shrine would get very crowded now that they have arrived to the shrine much later than their previous arrangement. Because Io forgot his cellphone, group would need to stick together before getting lost. Tsumiki stated that she hates crowds, so Io offered her his hand, of which she decides to tug his jacket instead. At the shrine, everyone would take turns wishing for the person next to them’s wish to come true, except for Io, who does not want Sakaki’s wish to come true. The group would teh buy some good luck charms, of which Sakaki buys as many as he could for luck during the shopping district lottery. As Io and Sasaki arrive late to the group, Sakaki would trip and spill all of her charms on Mayoi, having an arrow stuck to one of her buns. The group would then watch the first sunrise together. Mayoi suggests taking a picture of this moment together. When the camera, set on a timer, would start to slip until Mayoi and Sakaki fell in the process u[on getting their picture taken.

The group would then go to Sasaki’s house to celebrate New Year’s, which also had their teacher inside as well. It seems as though Miiki and Sakuragawa-sensei know each other for quite a while. The girls were wearing beautiful yukatas, much to Io and Sakaki’s delight. The seven of them would talk about New Year’s resolution, where Miiki would hint that Sakuragawa-sensei wanted a boyfriend, much to her embarrassment. Mayoi suggests playing Karuta to start the New Year. As the group played, Hime and Io’s hand would accidentally touch each other’s hand while grabbing a card, much to Tsumiki’s jealousy. When Tsumuki tried that by herself, she would get very nervous and even screamed at him. The group would then create mochi balls where Sakaki and Mayoi would somehow talk about Tsumiki’s flat chest, resulting to a blast to outer space. As the group ate mochi soup together, Io would feed her some mochi. The mochi would be stick to her mouth as Io tries to pull it out, so he decides to eat some himself. This, of course, would result to a similar scene from Walt Disney’s Lady and the Tramp as Mayoi and Sakaki commented on the scene with Hime gettinga nose bleed.

It would eventually be school time in the Acchi Kocchi world, but with many of the sudents coming in with the flu, the school decided to make today a half day for students. The main group as well as Saki, Kana, and Kyouya seem to be fine for now. Kyouya states that it has gotten cold lately, but Mayoi claims that if they pt their minds into it, they would actually feel warm if they think it is so. Hime and Tsumiki wanted to change classes and love respectively, but Saki tells that that those will not work. She states that if Tsumiki was sick, she would try to cure her no matter what. Replace her with Io, and one gets a nosebleed from Hime and Tsumiki. As the group was eating lunch, a mosquito would be flying in the air, much to everyone’s surprise, since they should not be around due to the cold. Io would use toothpicks to snipe and kill them, much to some people’s fright due to the speed and accuracy of his attack. Io claims that this was for the lack of sleep he had during summer. Saki claims that seeing them during the winter make some people cheer them on, but when one lands of her, she immediately kills it, not referencing to herself, of course. Tsumiki, Hime, and Kana would gather together in front of the computer, stating how warm  each of them are. Kyouya claims that those with warm hands have kind hearts, so Hime and Kana believe that everyone in the world was kind. The simpleness of the two would enforce envy in the eyes of Mayoi and Saki.

Sakaki would come in, wondering what they have decided to do in the end. Everyone plans to eat here before leaving home. Because Io and Sakaki did not bring any bento, the two decided to buy some bread in the lunchroom. Meanwhile, everyone else would do their won thing before setting up for lunch. When they were alone, Sakaki asked if he would accept his offer, of which he denies because he did not wish to bother them any further. When Sakaki leaves, Tsumiki asked what was wrong, of which he explained that his parents would be busy and might not make it home for a few days. Tsumiki states that she understands Sakaki and Miiko’s conern and would possible due the same as well. Io would then touch her hair, most likely as a statement of thanks. This would cause Tsumiki to go out-of-control due to their silent and rather deep eye contact  When Sakaki asks why Io was turning red, even Io himself does not know the cause of this. Could it finally be that the dense Io has finally learned what love feels like?


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