Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode Of Side-A: Episode 11

Toki activates Double Accel, allowing her to see two turns into the future. With it, Toki was able to see Kirame trying to get a quick hand and a quick victory, of which she plays along with as well. The round goes smoothly for Kirame, but Toki needed to see the future one more time, activating Double Accel once again. While Toki gave Kirame some of her tiles, it would be such that she will be able to win herself with a tsumo, ending the East round and Toki’s dealership as well as winning streak, but at what cost? Clearly, her health does not look well after looking into the future like that, and Ryuuka knows it. Does Toki have the strength to continue on after using a power she was not used to twice?

Although the second wind of the round has started, Teru still continues to win each hand. Tsuruta Himeko wonders if Kirame was going to be alright, of which Shirouzu Mairu does not know for sure. However, she was the best person that they have for a match such as this. Much earlier, the two were talking about the their new team of people and why it was so. Mairu claims that they only cared about putting their ace first instead of traditionally last, but that was supposedly their downfall with every National playoff they made to. This time, they were going to place their strongest players in reverse order such that the ace would be last while the first player would be a sacrifice. However, instead of their fifth best player, Kirame would be placed first instead. Apparently, she has the ability to never bust, even if she is playing against professional players. Her ability is needed if they want to go far in the tournament. Kirame would overhear this, but gets excited instead of depressed, believing that she has a role in this team. That was more than enough of a motivation for her to push herself even more in this match.

However, pushing oneself can only go so far as Teru would continue to win the next hands until it was finally her turn to be dealer. Toki was in a bind, for she was unable to see the future anymore after using her new ability twice. The fatigue of using her new move was starting to take a toll on her, of which she was having a hard time drawing her tiles and placing them in her hand. Without this ability, she would have to rely on instinct to get through the round, but when she accidentally walks into Teru’s hand, everyone was very surprised. Since she was unable to see the future, something like this could have not been prevented.

Toki faints for a few seconds to recall the time where she was at the hospital, and the group tells her that they would only play mahjong when she was feeling better. This way, she would not have to commute from the hospital to school to practice every time. Although she was glad, she feels bad that they had to do this for her, but the team did not mind as long as she was healthy to play with them. The group would then continue to have fun in their own way up to the point where they had the first camp meeting together where they can relax and train their mahjong skills. That night, Toki would find Ryuuk awake. Ryuuka tells her that she was looking out at the lights. She tells the story of last year where their school was completely beaten by Teru’s team. Sera, who was the vanguard at the time, would look out at the plane returning to their land where she saw many city lights turn on. She claims that among all of those lights, there was at least one person who has cheering her on. Therefore, she cannot cry, for their sake as well as their own. Ryuuka tells her when they eventually fly back home, she should see those lights herself and see what impact it would give her. Toki promised to do so, and it seemed as though she was. However, she would soon return to reality where a game was starting before her without her recognition of it. Clearly, that was not a healthy sign.

As the game continues, Toki was able to faintly see the future once again, seeing that Teru was going to win that turn, of which she did. Because her winning hand was already at 12,000, her next hand has to be at least 18,000. Anything higher than that would be very dangerous for any of them right now. If this goes on, someone is going to go bust by her eventually. Thanks to Kuro, there was no way for her to increase her hand using dora, so she has to go all out to think of a hand of that worth without relying on dora. Toki, who feels as though she was able to see her future again wants to use her move one more time in order to stop this from getting any worse. Ryuuka tell her to stop, but it was too late. Toki unlocks a hidden third eye, activating her newest ability: Triple Accel.

Meanwhile, we have a short scene of Yuuki, Nodoka, and Saki running to the tournament hall to watch the latest match. During their run, Saki would feel her sister’s presence and tells them to go on ahead while she does something else. Yuuki and Nokoda seem to not be able to go any further as the line to the main screening was pact. Someone from inside who was making a call notices them. What is her motivation?


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