Tasogare Otome X Amnesia: Episode 12 (Final Episode)

With Yuuko becoming one with her shadow self, it seems as though the cluib room would finally be locked off due to the findings of Yuuko’s body underneath it. Momoe was clearly surprised by all of this, including the fact that the room was completely wrecked. If there was a smile on her face, it would be when she figures out just how close Yuuko and Teiichi are after reading the logbook with their communication exchange. However, this happiness can only last for so long as Yuuko slowly starts to disappear from the world.

With Yuuko’s body having a proper burial, the shrine moving to another place besides under the school, it seems as though this mystery can finally come down to a close. However, this was not over for Yuuko, as she wants to go on a date with Teiichi. Of course, it sounds weird seeing that she can only stay inside the school, but as long as it is sated that it was a date, maybe the two can feel that way as well. Yuuko immediately changes into some nice clothes,  but since they were starting to come apart due to her busty figure, she is forced to wear something normal. The two would eat at the rooftop, but when Yuuko tries to feed him, the chopsticks fell off her finders along with the food. Clearly, this was a sign that her time was almost up. But, she did not care. She wanted to stay longer. Just a little bit longer, as long as it means that she can be with Teiichi. She wanted to do so many things with him. She even had a list planned out on what they should do. However, time seems to be running short much faster than she had anticipated.

The two would be at the rooftop where they were supposed to skate on the frozen pool, but are fine with staying next to each other. As Yuuko gets closer to him, her charm falls off of her wrist. Clearly, her time would be stopped fast. Yuuko would tell Teiichi that she wants to break up with him. Teiichi does not understand, but can see that she was slowly started to fade away. Clothes and accessories were dropping off of her body; she is starting to become transparent. Yuuko wants this relationship to end in a peaceful manner without any regrets. A ghost and a human can never be together. However, Teiichi does not wish for this to end as such. There must be another way; there must be some sort of thing that she can do so that she can stay here longer. However, that does not appear to be happening anytime soon. Yuuko wants this relationship to end, but Teiichi does not wish for it to be so. He tries to call Kirie or Momoe for help, but Yuuko does not allow him to do so. During their rebuttal, Teiichi would move through her arms, a clear, visual sign that she is disappearing, and fast.

Yuuko wanted him to leave her because she knows that he will be sad if he sees her gone on front of her. She knows he loves her very deeply, which is why he is desperate in wanting her to stay further.  However, Teiichi still wants to be by her side until she disappears. That way, she would not be alone by herself when she is gone. Yukko does not want that. She wishes for a clean departure, or else she would have second thoughts about her decision to leaving alone. However, Teiichi will not allow such a thing to happen because he loves her.

The two would go to the clubroom where it all stated. Yuuko would even go as far as losing her voice when she starts to disappear even more. Although Yuuko was still there, the two would start to communicate with each other through the exchange of notes. Upon doing so, Yuuko asks him not to cry and wants him to forget about her and find someone else to find happiness. If that was the wish that Yuuko wants him to follow, it will be the wish that Teiichi will take. Yuuko, losing the strength to lift up a pencil, asks him for one more favor. The two would share a deep kiss before she disappears from the world. It would take a while for Teiichi to accept that this happened before finally having the strength to leave the room as it is, untouched.

And so, several days have passed since that day. Teiichi continues to act like his normal self around Momoe and Kirie. Teiichi would return to the clubroom that was supposedly kept as it is instead of destroyed or clogged like it should have been. Teiichi looks around the new, furnished clubroom until he spots a do not ope box. Teiichi would open it, only to have Yuuko appear behind him. Teiichi could not believe his ears and eyes. Apparently, she cannot do to heaven due to one earthly desire: her kiss with Teiichi before she left. Yuuko asks him to take responsibility for it, giving him a deeper kiss than before.


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