Hyouka: Episode 10

With Irisu asking Houtarou for tea, it seemed as though Irisu wanted to find out something about him. Indeed, it all came down to her wanting to know about the theories that the other detectives have stated. While Houtarou tells her that none of them seem to work, it almost appears as though she knew something like this was going to happen. In this episode, Irisu turns out to be much more of a manipulative person than I thought she would be. Not only does she go so far as to explain everything that has happened to him without stopping for a breath, but she also manages to pull the correct heartstrings on Houtarou to get him to do what she wants him to do, calling a rather dull person as someone extraordinary and going as far as to tell the story that explains that he should be proud of his talents to deduct things like the way he does. Irisu brings him a light of hope, to give him a more optimistic feeling about himself, to get him to think that he can do this. With such high hopes and feelings, it is of no wonder that he would be drawn into someone who can use words like that. However, all this this would most likely be a trap for something even bigger than Houtarou would want to hear.

With thanks to Irisu’s clever manipulation, Houtarou finds himself doing her bidding and figuring out the case by going to school.  Clearly, Satoshi and Mayaka, of whom he meets during that summer day, were very surprised about this course of action (Mayaka thinking that it was the end of the world). However, we get a slight hint of the true personalities of both of the characters. Satoshi’s personality is much to consider. In this episode, it is nearly obvious, with thanks to visuals and his voice actor, that Satoshi is not the cheery guy that he was first seen on the beginning of the anime. Satoshi turns out to be quite a deep character to analyse if his laid-back personality turns out to be more than a facade. Although Houtarou tries to cheer him up, Satoshi accepts those words as a friend, but is still quite envious that Houtarou finally found something that he can do. It is as if that small bit of optimism was something that Satoshi wanted to have, but still have not found it yet.

Mayaka herself shows a breakdown of character as well. While she immediately figures out that Houtarou was only doing this because Irisu got him to do it, Mayaka still showed some concern for him as well. Mayaka was at school for library duty, and had Houtarou told her he was coming today, she could have saved the date to help him out. She also apologizes to Houtarou for not acting as helpful as she could due to her busy schedule. Indeed Mayaka is not as brash to the boys as she was back in the beginning of the series. Mayaka shows to have a caring side of her if needed be.

With Satoshi out due to remedial lessons, Mayaka gone for library duty, and Eru staying home due to a hangover, it was now all up to Houtarou to figure out the answer to this himself. After reviewing the video several times, Houtarou came up with a conclusion. That afternoon, Irisu would come in to check on what his deduction was. Houtarou would explain to her everything that he could. He states that since the window was not a viable option, the only way one can kill him was through the main door, but how? Houtarou claims that there was a seventh character in the mix but not some random person that would jump in and ruin the show. The seventh person was none other than the cameraman himself, who was also with them the entire time as the seventh person. While everyone was gone, he would be the one to pick up the master key, attack Kaitou and return as if nothing happened. Irisu brought up two good points: why the cameraman had not interacted with everyone else and why the cameraman was not figured out as the culprit given the scenario s/he was in. For the first one, Houtarou would claim that the cameraman was most likely ignored by the remaining case, but the characters still considered him/her as present. Second, Houtarou claims that one or two witnesses would not matter, as the goal of the game was to get the mystery feel across, and something like this would catch everyone by surprise. After much consideration, Irisu would agree to his idea, believing that it works given the context of the movie. Irisu would also ask him to think of the title for this movie, of which he gives the name “Out of sight, out of mind.” Afterwardss, Houtarou would watch an outside game of baseball, believing that he hit a home run. Indeed, it was as though Houtarou finally found that rose-colored life that he wanted now that there was some meaning to his ability.

And so, the movie was finally completed, and the take was successful. The next day, there would be a screening for their completed movie of which the class as well as the Classics Club got to see how their movie looked like. Indeed, a majority of the class were walking out of the room with smiles. However, Satoshi and Mayaka found it okay. Eru seemed displeased with the ending, but was unable to say it and ran away. Satoshi would walk away as well, leaving Mayaka to be the one to say something first to him. Mayaka would speak with him privately, telling him that there was no mentioning of a rope, an item needed by Hongou, but was not a part of his deduction.


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