Sankarea: Episode 12 (Final Episode)

Despite gaining the approval of her father, Chihiro still faces more problems than he should have. First is the problem with his family. Although all of them are kind people, Chihiro’s father appears to be in doubt about whether Chihiro can truly take care of such a girl. Mero seems to be indifferent about this, but goes with the flow, assuming what her brother says has to be true. As for his grandfather, who knows what is on his mind? If anything, he is the only one who truly believes that Rea is a zombie, seeing that he himself was the one who made the resurrection potion. However, until he regains his sanity, there was no way for Chihiro to ask him what he can do to preserve her body even longer. It also appears as though time is strictly not on his side in this one.

During that night, Chihiro takes Rea outside, of which she spots a flier about a fireworks festival tomorrow. While Rea can see the fireworks form her window, she wishes to see it closer, preferably right under her. Chihiro, who usually does not go to those things in the irst place, decides to go for her sake, since the festival would be at night. Clearly, Chihiro was starting to soften up and be influenced by Rea, even if he himself does not realize this. However, upon their return home, Mero brings up a good question. What would Rea do about school? Moreover, how can Rea be considered a normal girl without going to school. Although Chihiro makes it vague about the condition she was in, it does appear as though Rea wanted to go back to school more than anything. Now, there are two wishes that she needs to make come true for Rea’s sake. While Chihiro may consider something like this a sense or responsibility on his part, Chihiro seems to understand that he needs to do these things; otherwise, who knows how long Rea is going to last.

Due to the rain that next day, Chihiro would be unable to take Rea to the festival, since it cannot happen. From this, we get a short dialogue from Chihiro and Ranko about this. Ranko, who can mostly read Chihiro like a book, knows that he wanted to go to the festival only to accompany Rea to it. Indeed, Chihiro would do anything if Rea wished for something to happen. When Ranko suggested holding a fireworks festival at his place, Chihiro immediately jumped onto the idea. Although it may not be as grand as what Rea would have liked, at least it would have been something.

That night, Ranko would enter the household to not only bring them the fireworks, but also help Rea put on a yukata. From here, we get some character development from both characters. Here, we know that Ranko has no trouble expressing her feelings about Chihiro. Her main trouble is getting Chihiro to actually all for her the same way she fell for him. As for Rea, it is almost a given that she is interested in Chihiro in the same way, but is much more timid about expressing it. She is more of the timid type, willing to let others to go ahead of her in things such like these. Ranko would have no choice but to shape her up and give her some guts to use her assets to her advantage. If she wanted to live as beneficial of a life as she claims she wanted, she needs to make that life worth it. Ranko tells her that she will be her rival, and she does not plan on losing yet. It seems like the two are starting to get along with each other quite well as the two know about each other a bit more than previously.

The next day, Rea makes her resolve to go to school and returns home to get her belongings.  Aria, who hears that she has arrived via her maids walks up to her, informing her that she will not do anything for her, whether it is giving her help or preventing her from getting what she wants. However, although she is not her biological mother, she still shows signs of tears that she had to leave so soon. Maybe she is not that cruel of a mother as many people presume her as.

However, if there was one odd way to end a season, it would be what they did. We are left with a slightly anticlimactic ending as the two were talking about what they are going to do in the future about her school life and the rest. Before they were able to reach such a conclusion, Rea would return to her dazed form and kissed Chihiro once more, this time, a bit more violently as usual as Chihiro was bleeding after the kiss. If Chihiro wants to find a remedy for her, he needs to do it as soon as possible. Otherwise, she truly may not have that much longer to live.


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