Acchi Kocchi: Episode 12 (Final Episode)

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and Tsumiki, Hime, and Mayoi are preparing to make their sweets. As always, Hime is more than excited about this fun activity, but looming in the darkness is Mayoi, who has her own idea of how to make a certain heart-throbbing day a day to surely remember (or not). As for Tsumiki, she is all in her own little world as she prepares to make the best chocolate (brownie) that she can for Io to taste. Valentine’s day may be the only time for this girl to finally have her feelings spoken out to the dense guy that may be starting to crack a little bit. Of course, Tsumiki put her heart in the chocolate that she made, so hopefully she will get the answer that she wants.

It’s finally Valentine’s Day, and Tsumiki was more than prepared to casually give Io some choolate; however, she left everything back home, much to her dismay. While Mayoi asks if he wanted some chocolate from her, Io did not wish to say anything, for stating yes would seem as though he is forcing her to give some to him. Even so, Mayoi gave some chocolate to them, but Io and Sakaki already know that eating something of her creation can be bad for anyone’s help. While io and Sakaki wildly assume what creation she made this time, Hina and Tsumiki assured them that they were fine. Kana and Saki walks also give out their chocolate to the boys as well, but Hime was more concerned about the chocolate giving than anyone. She knows that Tsumiki wanted to give them to Io badly, so she wishes to only pass them out when Tsumiki does so. However, Tsumiki tells her it was fine to go ahead first, for she will do something about the predicament she was in.

That after school, Tsumiki wastes no time running back home to get her chocolate and back. However, the weather appeared to be very cloudy and looked as though it would rain at any minute. With the pouring rain and the cold temperature, it was a recipe for sickness. Not wasting any time of his own, Io runs out of the school with an umbrella in hand. Tsumiki, all wet from the rain, still wishes to run to Io, but with the bag soaked, she was having second thoughts about it. Io arrived just in time to make sure she did not get any wetter. While Tsumiki states that she will not hand the chocolate over to him, Io claims that it was not a matter of giving it to him or not. He simply wanted it because he knew how much time she spent on making it in the first place. In the end, Tsumiki would give in to his words and hand him a chocolate. Maybe she has a chance after all.

It’s almost White Day, and the girls are discussing about what the boys will be giving back to them in return. Of course, any girl would be pleased if the present that the boy whom she is interested in gave her was himself. However, logically speaking, something like that could not possibly happen, unless they give him some fancy chocolate. The girls would then talk about the x3 rule and how much the boys have to give them to satisfy that count. However, Tsumiki does not care about such things, for she did not create her chocolate expecting something in return. This was what true love should look like, and Mayoi succumbed to such a pure and innocent heart like Tsumiki’s.

In the boy’s team, the boys are ready to surprise the girls with their own creations. However, Kyouya thinks that simply buying a nice gift would work. It seems as though Kyouya needs some extra classes on how to become a true gentlemen, especially during the time of Valentine’s Day and White Day. One should be very grateful to not only have someone give something to him, but also have that something homemade. For the same reason, one should also put their heart into giving the girls something, and what better way than to create something homemade as them. Then, and only then, would this be considered equivalent exchange.

The boys waste no time creating their White Day goodies. Kyouya wonders about the idea of returning things three times the amount, but Io tells him that the girls are not expecting such things to begin with. As long as they give something heartfelt in return, anything and they make should be able to work. However, Sakaki as his own ways of returning the favor to others. Although he has already made sweets specially prepared by him, Sakaki wanted revenge for what Mayoi has done to him when she gave them chocolate with frog meat. To counter this, Sakaki decides to make marshmallows stuffed with pigs feet. Although a crazy idea, Sakaki would actually present them such a creation, much to their surprise.

And so, White Day has arrived, and the guys present their gifts to the girls. Saki was a bit surprised that Kyouya would also make something for them as well and accepts his gifts. Although Kyouya is not honest with himself, both Saki and Sakaki claim that his dishonesty was gross. Io claims that as long as the gift giving was presented well, the girls would be very happy about it. Of course, Sakaki would present them the pig feet marshmallows for the sake of surprising everyone.

In the end, Io and Tsumiki would walk back home together. Io claims that the black cat gummy he made was meant for her and her only. Tsumiki was very happy and wanted to hold onto Io but Io evaded it. It seems like out dense protagonist still needs a while to go before his denseness is truly chipped off.


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