Aquarion Evol: Final Impressions

A promise made 24,000 years ago. A failed attempt 12,000 years ago. Maybe this time, that promise can finally be kept. But is it truly all about promises set many years ago? Can’t one love someone for just the way they are? Who cares about the idea of fate governing the actions that one takes? Amata wants to create his own story, not follow something told over 24,000 years go. This was his moment; he will write his own path and overcome his fate. From Amata’s eyes, we see the determination of a boy who finally has found his reason to live: to be with her.

Of course, life isn’t that easy for Amata. For a guy who considers himself useless, Amata never truly understands a lot of the things that happen around him. Suddenly finding himself inside a cockpit, becoming the first one to union male and female vectors in nine years, somehow calling the true name of Aquarion – it’s as if Amata knew how to do all of this without any form of training at all. Life in school was not that easy either as he has a hard time interacting with other people as well as creating a bad impression in front of everyone. Yet, over time, he starts to understand how everyone thinks and acts according to their actions. Over time, he does become friends with nearly everyone in the school. Of course, his main goal would be none other than to win Mikono’s heart, who has a more pessimistic mindset than he has in calling herself completely useless. Sadly, she really did not do anything much other than getting angry every time Amata was with another girl except for that one moment when she manages to power everyone up through the power of connection.

If anything, I think the main character whom I have a high mindset for was Jin. This is a kid who has probably never seen a girl in his life except for pictures in his world or the holograph of Alicia. Then again, his main goal is to abduct women to their planet and find out more about their find. It is quite funny how a boy who was completely deprived of any female entity to life in a society filled with them. Of course, various feelings that he has never felt before spring up, especially during his time with Yunoha, who starts to have feeling for him as well. The two would make a very good couple, and Jin would have become a great double agent in terms of fighting against his people in order to protect the ones he care about now. Unfortunately, a jerk by the name of Mikage had to kill him off.

Sharde is another enigmatic character in his own right. For the longest of time, his music brought out the worst of people, but after staying in Neo-Denva, his melodies finally became pleasant to hear. Other than acting as shounen-ai material for all fangirls who want Cayenne x Sharde, Sharde has proven to be quite a guy who is winning to go as far as he can to have his music heard. He would even sacrifice his own life so that he can finally create the melody he was searching for: the true song of Aquarion. Whether it be combining the two openings of this series and its predecessor or creating a new one based of those two songs, Sharde would finally create a harmony befitting to all of this. Of course, his sacrifice would not be in vain as his music still lives on in the hearts of many who hear it.

Speaking of music, Aquarion Evol probably has the best soundtracks for its season. While some of their inserts songs were from Sousei no Aquarion, there were a lot of other great insert songs placed in the perfect scenes for it, creating the best emotional impact for the said scene. One prominent one that I can remember was the moment where Jin saved Yunoha from an energy blast supposedly directed at him. In terms of background music, Aquarion Evol should have a shining moment for it because a majority of it is very meaningful given the context of where it was played.

Sadly, the main couple of Amata and Mikono did not interest me much, as I find it highly generic given the type of series it is. However, I should have expected such a thing to happen, even if Kagura and Zessica tried to spice up their own triangle in their own right. The one couple that did catch my eye was Andy and Mix, who were at odds with each other at first, but as soon as it was revealed that the two have opposite abilities, it was almost certain that the two would be together. Indeed, Andy and Mix’s side love story turns out to be quite fun to watch given the many times that they bicker, hide their feelings, and try to express their feelings but failed. I have to hand it to Andy though. He loves Mix so much that he does not care if she turned into a guy or not. For him, what truly mattered was if the memories of their time together was still in her heart. Forgetting them is something he cannot forgive, and he will continue fighting until she remembers them, no matter what form she is in. He loves her just the way she is.

There is just so much to say about this anime that I sadly do not know where to stop and kept going to relevant topics that I wanted to touch on. Sorry about that. I guess, to sum it all up, I will end with just how much I hate Mikage as a character for acting as a troll and ruining every other character’s lives but love him as probably one of the better villains of the season. This guy really knows how to pull the correct heartstrings to make me believe that he is one heck of a great villain. Then again, you can’t really blame him, since he too is doing all of this for love, no matter how ark of a path he chose to follow such a route.

I guess, like any other action/mecha anime, the lesson of the day is to fight against destiny and follow your own path, as that is what makes you you.


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