Kore Wa Zombie Desuka? Of The Dead: Final Impressions

So, what exactly did I watch?

For me, this season felt like a mess. There was comedy followed by a plot followed by everything else mixed in. It had all of the essentials of becoming a good anime, but with things feeling out of place, I cannot help but believe something happened during the production process or if the process itself screw up the order of how things were perceived. However, I would be lying if I said that I did not enjoy it. Indeed, there were several highlights of this season that make it stand out from its predecessor.

It seems as though, with this season, it knows that it is trying to be funny. A majority of the episodes here is mostly there for the laughs. Even when they threw in a plot in the middle of the series to make it a bit serious, they still make it have a comedic feel through all of it. While the plot seems to be subdued and pushed to the third season, it nonetheless stilll had laughter throughout the season, and that much I should thank Deen for.

As far as character development goes there really isn’t much to say about it. On a whole, major characters like Eucliwood, Haruna, Seraphim, and Yuki still remained the same as before with each of them having increased interest in Ayumu. There was any character that truly stood out from the crowd, it would have to be Serasvati. Newly introduced in the harem, Serasvati finds herself somehow falling in love in Ayumu’s butt curve live, much to Ayumu’s dismay. This would be a running gag whenever the two meet, but as the series progressed, it seems as though Serasvati figures out that her current approach in this “relationship” is not really the best one out there. Instead of going after his butt, Serasvati decides to go for his heart, and indeed, this proves to be very successful given her actions that day at one of her concerts.

Kyouko also has her own little moment as well with an episode dedicated to her after much torture and imprisonment. Kyouko turns form the one who killed Ayumu to a much more sentimental being, wishing to find her own form of entertainment and love in her own right. When no one was there to remember her, Ayumu claims to do such until the end of time. Kyouko would then become another addition into Ayumu’s ever-growing harem.

While I did say there was not much character development, I will say that there was much character interaction, especially during the interactions between Haruna and Eucliwood. It surprises me at first that the two were supposed to be enemies, but after living together for so long, how can they? Haruna starts to show some form of maturity despite acting like a child most of the time, and Eucliwood is starting to open up more to the people around her. In the end, we finally get to see Eucliwood “confessing” that she loves Ayumu, despite not saying so due to her control of power. That was another cute moment in regards to Eucliwood, as she does see Ayumu as something more that just her servant.

I guess that is all I can say about this. Ten episodes does feel short for something that could have benefited with two or even three more additional episodes to wrap everything up. I guess the writer needed time to finish off the rest, but I am sure that there would be a third season given the introduction of a new and important character by the end of the series.


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