Tasogare Otome x Amnesia: Final Impressions

Rumors have it that there is a ghost of a girl haunting the school, particularly in the old school building. Say you happen to accidentally walk into that side of the school because its internal structure was highly complicated to the point where you wonder how many times this school was renovated. Say you happen to walk into the very same room where the said ghost was roaming about. What if you happened to see the ghost, a rather beautiful looking girl who takes the image of anything as long as someone thinks strongly of what she looks like. Maybe the ghost story was not as scary as one thought it was, or maybe there is more than what people have to say…

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia follows the eyes of Niiya Teiichi as he tries to unravel the mystery behind the death of Yuuko as well as the many other strange events that revolve around here. Of course, with Teiichi acting as the generic indecisive male lead, it can get annoying to follow his footsteps, but he nonetheless manages to free Yuuko from what binds her to Earth. As the two continue to search for the missing clues together, Teiichi and Yuuko would start to develop feelings for each other to the point that both of them confess their love for each other, but can such a love last. Teiichi is human; Yuuko has long been dead 60 years ago. Can such a love even be considered legitimate? But Teiichi and Yuuko did not care. They wanted to stay with each other as much as possible.

As time progresses, we learn that Yuuko is not that pure, innocent girl that Teiichi thought of her to be. Yuuko used to be more human in terms of feelings and emotions, yet a certain incident 60 years ago caused her to split her personality between pure and painful. Like yin and yang, Yuuko and Shadow Yuuko were created with Yuuko holding the kind memories she wants to remember and Shadow Yuuko as the memories Yuuko wished to forget, memories she does not want to bear because it was painful. Yet, Teiichi wanted both sides of the coin, for that was the only way he can truly say he can love not just one part of Yuuko, but all of it. With thanks to Teiichi, Yuuko was able to accept her other self and become one again. With the knowledge that Teiichi was the grandson of her friend long ago, it was as if everything was starting to take a turn for a better. But with all of her wishes fulfilled, it was time for her to go, leaving Teiichi behind.

Truly, if anything, Silver Link is really superb when it comes to visual designs. With several key scenes having so much color, so much vibrant flow of action and moves, I am beginning to wonder just how much money they waste of those scenes where they practically used every single color out there and its shades. Of course, with its beautiful computer graphics comes stellar background art. The night sky, the passing day – Tasogare Otome x Amnesia would surely win in terms of artwork. Combine with a Shaft-y feel, there does not appear to be another anime this season that can top off what this anime does with color. That was the main standout that I got from this anime.

In terms of story, it was there and it flowed nicely. If anything, what I did not like about the series were the characters themselves. A majority of them felt “fake.” In other words, it was hard to sympathize with any of the characters because the anime does not really elaborate much about their background to begin with. To me, Yuuko felt too pure, Teiichi was too annoying, and Momoe felt very simple. If anything, Kirie seems to be the only person who has any changes of feelings. Kirie wanted to change herself, to make herself distinct. She did not want to be like Yuuko; in fact, she never wanted to be a second Yuuko in the first place. She wanted to be herself, and Teiichi seems to accept her because of such. Maybe it was there that she fell in love in him, however indecisive he is.

I did find the ending to be quite a tease. I would have preferred it if it was a “life goes on” ending where Yuuko would disappear from the world and Teiichi would continue to live a normal life without her, remembering still about the ghost he fell in love with on that fateful encounter. Yet, Yuuko returns next to him, probably to give the viewers a happy ending of sorts. Again, it all comes down to personal preference, but I am sure that there are many people who are happy with the way the show ended.

I would recommend this series solely based of computer graphics, for it surely delivered there. The story itself is normal, but the visuals are by far amazing. Get ready to have your mind blown by having so many bright colors thrown at your face.


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