Acchi Kocchi: Final Impressions


Sorry about that. I could not control myself there. However, I must say that this had to be the cutest anime that I had ever seen in terms of artwork and character design. There characters are stereotypical. The designs are simple. Yet, everything manages to connect together to create one hilarious and enjoyable ride. There is something about this anime that really brings a smile to both ends, be it because of the cute interaction and gags between the characters or the designs of the characters themselves.

Acchi Kocchi follows the lives of five friends who each have a rather generic label placed on them. Tsumiki is your generic short, long-haired tsundere with a large ahoge that can transform into ears whenever embarrassed. Io is your kind, yet dense male lead of which Tsumiki is interested in. Hime is the typical airhead who will get sudden nosebleeds whenever she gets excited. Mayoi and Sakaki are to co-troublemakers who are usually the ones who start the gag, but never really end it on a satisfactory note, i.e. damaged body. Put all five of these characters together and add some cute character designs, and one achieves an adorable and humorous anime about their daily life.

I really have to hand it to the directors of this show. AIC did a really great job with the break in between the segments. All those simple colors and those arrows, it adds on to the cute feeling that this show gives out. To whoever who thought of that idea, I tip my hat to you; that was very adorable. I guess I should also thank the animation and design crew as well for drawing all of those moments and making them relate to what was currently going in the story. And whoever composed and wrote the opening theme song, I cannot get it out of my head anymore! It’s too catchy for me.

To anyone out there who is reading this, if you have not watched Acchi Kocchi yet, I highly recommend that one does so. It’s so cute that one might not be able to control that bubbly feeling inside you. You will either laugh from the comedy or smile by just how cute the characters look and are. Try it out.


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