Haiyore! Nyaruko-san: Final Impressions

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san follows the eyes of Yasaka Mahiro as his regular, ordinary life is flipped upside-down when monsters appear to take out his life, only to be saved by the Mythos of Lovecraft, Nyarlathotep, also known as Nyaruko. With Cthugha’s Kuuko and Hastur’s Hasuta, will there ever come a time for Mahiro to relive his normal, peaceful life as it was before?

Life is certainly not easily for Mahiro, as he has to juggle between trying not to get himself killed and making sure Nyaruko, Kuuko, and Hasuta’s behavior is controlled. The last thing he wants is to suddenly merge with either of them to create one being. Mostly living by running away from them and monsters that want to kill him, he finds his life to be quite miserable to that extent. However, living this life is not as bad as it would appear. After meeting them, his friends comment that Mahiro has not only had a brighter outlook in life but also seems more cheerful and energetic than usual. While Mahiro denies such changes, deep down, he does feel that the three have influenced his life, for better or worse.

Throughout the series, Mahiro learns a bit of humility as well as how to live through his rather crazy life. Mahiro, who was originally cold to the three, starts to lighten up as well as take responsibility in his own right with saving the world and all from massive destruction. It turns out that Mahiro truly cannot live without the three by his side. They have been around him for so long, it almost feels like the norm for him to lash out at them. In one episode where the three of them are done, Mahiro recalls the peaceful life that he had once again, but also feels a sense of loneliness with the three not there to bother him. Maybe this life is not so bad after all. It may be chaotic, but he can certainly live with it as long as it is just the three of them.

For me, this series was truly funny as a parody anime. It really knows how to poke fun of several animated media as well as real life issues in the form of several cute alien deities. This is how one does a parody anime well: striking issues meant for laughs as well as talking about what is going on with the world hidden in their laughter. If one were to brea the lines between their jokes, one can tell that a number of topics deal with serious issues of the past and present. Overall, the message delivers, and the laughter is an added bonus that can make us laugh it off as such.

It truly is a funny anime to come by. I do not know if the humor is going to hit it for everyone, but it did for me. I will give it props for that.


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