Recorder to Randoseru: Final Impressions


It truly is a shame that this anime is not a 24 minute per episode style show. I believe that if it were like that, this anime would have gain some more recognition and actually go far for a comedy series.

Recorder to Randoseru follows the lives of two siblings, Atsumi and Atsushi. Atsumi, although 17-years-old, looks like a grade schooler in height and looks. Atsushi, although 11-years-old, looks like an adult in terms of height and looks. With both of their advantages and disadvantages, hilarity ensues in both school and the outside world as Atsushi continues to get in trouble while Atsumi has trouble coming to her. It is a simple, three minute story about their lives as they try to cope with their physique to their advantage, or not.

On moments when it tries to be funny, it does a very good job at doing so. However, there appears to be a running gag that whenever he is around his female classmates, he is seen as a molester wherever he goes. It was almost as if the adults have a short-term memory loss when it comes to Atsushi. One would think that his neighborhood would at least recognize him or, after captured once, the police would recognize his face an let it go as a misunderstanding. Yet, repeatedly, it does not seem to be the case to the point that the joke becomes old and redundant. Had they end it like they did in the first half, it would have left this show in a satisfactory note. I felt like that joke did not need to be redone at the end of the series. Even so, it was still a funny and enjoyable ride nonetheless.

I highly encourage people to try out Morita-san wa Mukuchi first before watching this series, as Morita-san makes some cameo appearances in this show and is the torch passer for Recorder to Randoseru. Each episode is only three minutes long and can easily be watched within a day, so try it out and tell me whether like it or not.


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