Hyouka: Episode 12

Tomorrow’s the big day. It’s almost time for the festival to begin. Eru prays at the shrine for a safe three days for the event. Mayaka cannot seem to sleep, for she is very excited as well. Satoshi is too busy planning out what he is going to do for the day. As for Houtarou, he…doesn’t do much except taking one look at the Kanya festival homepage online before turning it off and going to bed. That’s about as productive as Houtarou can get.

Today’s the big day as everyone prepares to enter the school for all the festival…except for Houtarou. Surprisingly enough, Houtarou’s sister, Tomoe, comes back to his house, but her face is cleverly cut out from the camera angle and the shadow covering her eyes. I guess we will never see her face if this keeps up. Anyway, Tomoe gives him a pen with a broken tip and out of ink mainly for him to keep it. It is not like she is psychic and thinks that the pen she gave him is going to be a plot device for something even more serious and deep that would happen during the school festival…right?

Houtarou and Satoshi meet up as they were walking to school, only to spot Mayaka wearing something completely different from the school attire. Apparently she is cosplaying as Frolbericheri from the movie They Were 11. Inside the school, everyone was hyped up and ready to get this event started. Unfortunately, for Houtarou, the world was too bright to him to handle. Afterwards, Satoshi leaves to go to the sewing club for a bit while Houtarou and Mayaka go to the Classics Club, but things did not really go according to plan. Although Eru asked for thirty copies for their work, for some reason 200 copies were brought back to them. How they are going to sell all 200 of them in a remote place like their clubroom, neither of the four know. However, Satosai, wearing a bizarre costume, states that if they advertise enough or get a better place to present their work, maybe they can sell their work a lot quicker. So, here’s the plan. With the help of Satoshi, Eru will go up to the student council president and ask if there is a better place to present their books at for selling. Satoshi’s job after that would be to advertise their books all over the school campus and get people to come to their clubroom, however, quiet and boring it is. Makaya is already busy with her Manga Club duties so she is unable to help out with the advertisement. As for Houtarou, he’s to be stationed at the desk in the case that some people actually find this place and want to buy a book. With that, everyone sets their sights to the opening ceremonies.

With the festival committee president giving his word, everyone cheers and goes wild as their festival officially starts. Before the majority of the students start to leave, they would be entertained by some dancers from their school. Although Eru was highly enthusiastic about cheering them on, now was not the time to do so as she prepares herself to meet up with the council president about her problem. The destination is a lot harder as it appears to be as Eru continually gets sidetracked and absorbed in the high levels of energy everyone has for the festival. Getting to into the festival, Eru temporarily loses her goal until she recovers and finds herself in front of the council room. Here, she would speak out her pleas for a more noticeable booth, but the president can’t suddenly create one out of thin air. Instead, he suggest giving the books out to other clubs and have them sell it for her. A decent idea for Chitanda to try out. As for Satoshi, who was supposed to help her in the transaction, he was too busy having fun and still inside the auditorium.

Mayaka enters the Manga Society, ready to take on her job, but she is not as welcomed as she would have liked. Apparently, there were several other cosplayers in the club who openly lash out at her, stating that she said she did not wish to at first, but decided in the end to do so. Of course, Kouchi-sempai, hearing this conversation, states that they did not have to put it that way and is quite glad that she choose to cosplay in the end. As soon as Yuasa, the club president arrives, the manga society was ready to open for business. Before it actually starts, Mayaka wanted to sell Hyouka along with other works that they were selling, but decided against it. As soon as some customers arrive to check it out, the Manga Society was in business.

Speaking of business, Houtarou is at the desk waiting for someone to come here, which would probably be no one. For Houtarou, this was the best position that he ever wanted – peace, quiet, and no one to indirectly order him to do things that he does not want to do. Houtarou passes the time looking at how things were doing outside the window. While watching several shows, apparently there was a small incident happening outside. Someone’s drink was stolen and a piece of paper was left in place of it. While this could be a start for another mystery to be cracked, Houtarou disregards this and returns to his post. It just so happens that someone did walk into their club and was interested in buying a book from them. Houtarou did not expect something like this happening, so he was in a lost of words as in what to do, but eventually sold a copy. That customer caught eye of the pen Houtarou’s sister gave to him and was enthusiastic about it. It turns out that he was in the Fashion Club, and they were doing a show, but he forgot to bring a prop for his shirt pocket. Houtarou tells him to have it and, in exchange. hands him a badge such that if he were to come to the show with that badge, they will give him a makeover. Why do I have this feeling that more of this is going to happen, as in someone randomly comes to the room by chance, buys a book, and exchanges him one item he holds with an item of their disposal? It seems like Houtarou is going to be running more than just a place to sell Hyouka.

Sadly, for Eru, the road back home is even more complicated than the way to the student council room. She wanted to do her job in returning to Hotarou and telling him their situation, but with all these fun activities swirling around her, can Eru even come back to the room before the festival ends?


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