AnimeExpo and 6000 Pictures

I. Am. NOT. Disappointed. This was the best convention that I have ever gone to in a long time.

AnimeExpo was crazy, in a good way. There were so many people at the convention that I wound not be surprised if there were 6000 people or more participating in it at one day. As a cosplay photographer, I am blessed to take so many photos of cosplay that I thought that I would have probably never seen in my entire life. There were so many elaborate cosplays all around me, and I have such a fun time taking as many as I can get. There were so many great cosplayers all around me that I had a hard time even stopping myself from taking too much. Cosplayers were moving around left and right, and I was having a hard time trying to get every single one of them. In many situations, I have to choose one over the other because they were going in both directions. In many cases, I never saw them ever again, much to my dismay.

Sadly, the first day of AnimeExpo did not go according to plan. Rather, it was a very big scare for me. My friend who also came from New York was with me for the first hour of the convention when, all of a sudden, he finds out that his wallet is missing. It’s not just his money that he is missing; he cannot go back to New York because everything that he has is in his wallet. Clearly, it was a big scare for him, as it was for me, for I know just how important the contents in his wallet is to him. With no time to lose, we quickly search for even, even at the cost of losing several great cosplayers along the search for it. There was no time to take pictures; we had to find that wallet. Thankfully, the wallet was still at the registration booth, intact with nothing taken away or stolen from. That was a big relief for him and for me, as that burden was finally lifted from the two of us. Although I never got to see those cosplayers again, I am very glad that the missing wallet was finally found and safe in his arms.

I think the highlight of my day had to be none other than the concerts that I went to. Kajiura Yuki‘s concert was amazing, singing a majority of the songs that were familiar to me. I was wowed by all four of the singers and their technique. Of course, I have to give credit to Kajiura-san herself for creating such a team of well-versed women such as them. In addition, I have to give credit to all the instrumentalists out there. That violinist in particular was stunning and captivating with the way he played the songs. Truly, Kajiura-san was the best in terms of technicality and song selection. A smart and calculating song list on her part. For LiSA‘s concert, it was just energy, energy, and even more energy. In fact, Oribe Risa herself, as well as her bandmates, have so much charisma, that I believe that the energy from them as well as the crowd, if materialized, can power up New York City for at least one year or more. There was such an infinite amount of cheering, screaming, the fans going wild, that I bet the building itself could not contain such energy. Before her concert was about to begin, before she even went on stage to see us, all of us were on our feet, cheering and screaming as if there was no tomorrow, wanting their voice to be heard by her and make her respond to them, even if it was something small. People were shouting “I love you!,” “I love you more!,” and the Japanese equivalent. It was clearly ridiculous, but in a good way.

Those were the main highlights of my time there. I had a blast going to concerts and taking pictures. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. If you guys want to trade pictures with each other, place your links down here and let me see them. The links for all of my pictures can be found in my Photobucket website here. Just look for Anime Expo 2012 in my albums list, and you will find it. I will warn you though, I have 6000 pictures uploaded, if you want to take the time to look at all of them. Have fun searching, and thanks in advance if you send me links for your pictures.


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