College: Semester 2

If I have to say anything about my second semester at my college, at the very least, I can say that it was much more influential and fun than my first experience of it. It had several classes that I was interested in. Of course, having teachers that make you feel as though you can actually participate in what they are going is a major plus in my books.

Talking about my classes first, I believe that my classes this semester was much more beneficial as well as intellectually challenging. The main that that strikes me as intriguing and interesting in concept is Sociology. It was interesting to learn about seeing things from various points of view instead of looking at things black and white. It gets me to think about the reasons of which why people do and act certain ways, and how not everything has a negative taste, as there could be a possible positive reason in what people have done. For me, I find such studies to be quite intriguing. Maybe, in the future, I may want to try setting up a paper at least once about a personal study of my own on character interaction during certain scenes. It’s not really something that I plan to do in the future, but maybe when I am older and the thought of such a thing arrives, I may want to spend my time on doing just that. Another class that particularly stood out to me was my Music Theory and Musicianship class. Despite a majority of what we learned was something that I already know of through my own private lessons and high school, my teacher actually made it “fun” to re-learn. He had just the right charisma for getting me into what he was teaching, even if I already know the information already. During parts that I do not know, he does a good job at explaining what it is such that it is easier for students to understand. At least, the way he taught his class was much more simplistic  and easier to understand.

While those three classes were appealing to me, the remaining class did not stand out as much as I would have liked. My history class was a complete waste of my time; I learn nothing new nor anything interesting. It also does not help that my main teacher did not captivate me about learning  anything new (or old) about history at all. In fact, I would have much preferred it if a certain sub-teacher was teaching the class as well. At least, he makes the class interesting to follow, unlike the main teacher, who I might as well just come for the first ten minutes and then leave, and he has the charisma to back it up with as well. He could made the history lecture as a whole interesting, but since he was only a sub, I cannot complain much. While my main teacher teaches us things that are not on the textbook, those things were just not captivating for me. My own sub teacher was not of much help as well, as we mostly fooled around than actually recall and relearn anything what happened in the main lecture, which, to me, was nothing. It was my fault that the Literature Class was boring. Therefore, I cannot say that the class itself was boring, for I did not participate much during our in class discussions. Therefore, I have no one to blame but myself for making it a boring class. The literature that I read for the class was great and highly intriguing to follow. My favorite books had to be Midsummer Night’s Dream and Sound and The Fury, considering that I am a big Shakespeare and Faulkner fan. The other books and literature did not intrigue me as much as those two, although that might be personal bias.

On a sad not, I was not able to be a part of the Pop Music Combo that I really wanted to try out in. I have stated before that I am not a pop music singer, as my voice is mostly fit for a choral group or an opera stage, the final stage in which I will get my singing career to. However, this does not stop me from singing in every ensemble that I can. Of course, everything comes with an audition. This time, I did not make it in. However, I believe that I have learned form my mistakes on what happened. I hope to be able to make it in again next time. Even if I do not make it, I will continue to try again until I make it in, even if I do not get in after every single audition, at least I can say I try. I still have the chorus that I go to every semester, although, this time, I have no other choice but to be a part of the large chorus. After trying it out for one year, I overall felt uncomfortable with such a large group. I mostly prefer a small chamber ensemble. This makes me feel much more at ease than the large chorus. While I planned on not going to the large chorus anymore, I realize that that was a part of my requirement as a music major. It was either that or the symphony, of which I cannot go for with poor piano skills and no other knowledge of playing another instrument. The large chorus is not bad per se, but it is just a matter of preference for me.

I managed to get myself acquainted in a club. They are all fun people to be around with, although I cannot say myself that I am a member of their group. If anything, I will admit that I go there as a hangout spot and nothing more. As far as group participation is concerned, I am mostly in the sidelines. I usually find it best to work in the shadows as support than to bear a name for myself on paper. I cannot handle responsibility, for I am an organized, but irresponsible person. I do not join the group on activities as much as I want to. I find them interesting, but as participation, again I rather work in the sidelines with no one noticing what I do. At least, that was what I have been doing my entire life, however wrong a mindset it is.


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