Tari Tari: Episodes 1-2

In terms off visuals, P.A. Works as not let me down in their past works. As expected of them, not only is the visual aspect of the show great, but for a slice of life anime centered on music as well as coming of age, this got me. It is probably because I am a choral singer as well that I can relate to the experiences Miyamoto Konatsu was facing dduring the two episodes. In any case, both episodes have gotten me hooked into the show, and I hope it continues to not disappoint me.

The premise of the story does not appear to be set just yet, but the overall character development of certain characters tends to be in full motion, as well as their personalities. Tari Tari focuses on the lives of five students, all of which have intriguing backgrounds of their own right, musically affiliated or not. Of course, the main focus of the first two episodes have to deal with no other than the character development and relationship between Konatsu and Sakai Wakana. Konatsu is the type of girl that does not want to lose, be it her game or her reason to do what it is that she wants. Konatsu wanted music to be a part of her life, but after a strong case of stage fright during their last competition and failing to do anything except for standing out on a bad note, the event that day left a sharp mark in her heart. Of course, she trains everyday such that such a thing does not happen again and continues to sing her heart out, when when her choir teacher does not see her as a potential team player, this not only hurts her reputation, but casts doubt on what it is that she truly wants to do.

On a personal note, I can easily relate to what Konatsu was feeling then. As a choral singer myself, I also want to be go all out and try my best on everything. Like her, I also have a strong case of stage fright as well. Whenever I get on stage, I always wonder what if I were to screw up, what if I was too loud, or worse, what if both happened at the same time? The nervousness to sing in front of a stage is still terrifying, but I was somehow able to overcome it when I know that there are people who are there for me to back me up whenever I do get frightened. I know I have then on my side to pick me up, and I learn that this was a team effort game, never a solo mission.

For that reason, it truly is great to have someone like Okita Sawa as my best friend. When everything seems to be going downhill for Konatsu, Sawa is there to pick up the fallen and bring them back up to their feet. The same applies here. When Konatsu could not help it anymore and decided to quit the club, Sawa was easily surprised about this at first, but if Konatsu was going to create her own choir club where she gets a chance to sing as well instead of not anymore, Sawa will back her up for it. When the trip to the tournament becomes a mess, Sawa is there to keep Konatsu in check and make her focus on the goals that needs to be accomplished in hand. When everything turns out wrong and Konatsu was about to give up, Sawa literally slaps her up to reality and makes her go out there, knowing how hard she worked for this moment. For insurance, Sawa will also be there to sing with her, so that she knows she is not alone and that this was a burden for the two of them to share.

The most intriguing character out of the main cast, in my opinion, has to be Wakana. This is a girl who, for whatever reason, chooses not to sing despite having the talent to do so, a gift that should not be taken for granted. Or maybe, her reason is that she does not have a reason to continue singing as her field of interest. Most likely, it had to be a past traumatic experience that led her to not sing at all. My guess is that it is because of her deceased? mother, who was her main reason to sing, her joy and passion. But when she is not there with her, that love for singing slowly swept away until she disdains it.

However, that does not mean that her singing spirit has not disappeared from her just yet. In fact, that was why the principal allowed the creation of another chorus advised by none other than himself in the first place. As soon as he realized that Wakana was going to be a part of her chorus, even as a member by name, he quickly gives his approval of it. It is as if he knows that something interesting was going to happen if this club actually happens. In fact, their homeroom teacher, Ms. Takahashi Tomoko, is also quite surprised by this as well putting a smile on her face. Maybe, just maybe, something interesting is going to happen between five students who just happened to met together at a park by pure coincidence.

Of course, when I mean five, I also take in Tanaka Taichi and Maeda Atsuhiro, although there isn’t really a lot of background information about these two boys yet. The same can be said about Sawa. For Taichi, he wants the badminton club to be recognized as is willing to do anything to get people into the team, even if it means by name. for Atsuhiro, he came back to Japan after living 12 years in Austria. While Atsuhiro is more or less going to be a comedic factor of the show considering that his knowledge of Japanese life and culture is skewed by the various travel books that he reads about them, this is me hoping that he grows out to become a rather important member of the cast. If the opening was any indication for anything, I hope that all five of them will be in the choir created by Konatsu and singing together. I expect great things from this show.


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