Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!: Episode 1-2

The death of Mikadono Shougo’s father comes out as a surprise for everyone, due to his major influence in the world. While Shougo his sad about this event, a mysterious voice calls out to him, even calling him her older brother. In fact, this voice tells him that he is his younger sister, of whom he does not know about, given the fact that this information was kept secret from him as well as everyone else in the Mikadono family. She tells him that she has come to him to marry him, of which he does not believe at first. But when he tries to get a glimpse of who this girl is, she disappears from his sight. What exactly is going to happen to him now that he obtains this information.

From his father’s dying wish, Shoujo is to go to the school where his mother and father met and fell in love in. Here, he is to find his own love and find someone to marry within his time in school such that the success of his family name stays intact. However, finding such a girl is going to be a lot harder than it sounds. As it turns out, the girl who confesses that she was his little sister is also a member of that school as well. If indeed he finds a girl whom he loves and it turns out that she is that sister, they will get married, of which he cannot accept happening.

However, the show does a good job at pointing out all the potential candidates that may as well be that very sister of his. The first candidate comes out as Tsuruma Konoe, who immeidaltely gets in his good side with her kind personality. On the first day of school when he is lost, she helps him out in locating the school as well as sharing him some food that she bought along the way to school. While feeding him and taking care of him, she cannot help but feel that such a thing feels nostalgic, as if she has done this already long ago. Of course, it helps that she is also in the same class that he is transferred in. When he helps out with taking the trash, it seems as though she knows something about the scar on his forehead, as well as the incident that came from it. She continues to get as close to him as possible, asking him out to the student council ball and accepting the first dance. If anything, Konoe seems not only to want to learn more about him, but rekindle the time that she probably was with him. It’s worse that, during the segment where he gets a birthday cake and receives a call that that little sister, she has the same exact phone model as Konoe. It almost seems as though the anime deliberately wants to tells us that she is the imouto, but I cannot help that this is all a red herring of some sort. Or maybe, the director wants us to think that way.

The next potential candidate is Kannagi Miyabi, who does not appear to like Shougo at first.  What makes her stand out from everyone else is that she was the only one who reacted when Shougo stated that he was just an only child. This could be that she is disgusted by the fact that he said that even of he knew that he has a sister. More information comes when Miyabi happens to see the interaction between Shougo and Konoe and wanted it to stop before it gets even further. This could just be an act of a classmate of concern, or it could be that she does not want him to go any further because she wants to be with her. The most prominent piece of information is in the ballroom, well, outside of the palace hall. Here, Miyabi, all dressed up, does not wish to be outside because she finds herself along with her attire an odd combination. However, when Shougo asks for her hand in a dance, she cannot help but be swayed by his actions. Maybe, just maybe she is the imouto that he was searching for. From what I can tell, I believe she is his little sister.

What appears to be a red-herring in the embodiment is none other than Sagara Mei, a senior at his school who calls him “Onii-chan” at their first meeting. Of course, he is caught off guard at first due to her sudden appearance and name calling, eventually, he came the the decision that she could not be it given that she is older than him. However, is that all there is to it? For me, Mei seems to be pulling all the strings in this one. She claims that she is the head of an imouto cafe, who’s to say that she was not the one how was making those phone calls for him? Mei seems to know what is going on around his life and acts accordingly, making him over-think at several occasions. Could she just be toying with him, or is there something more to her actions.

The remaining two girls of question are still up in the air as in where they stand in his life: student council president Tendou Mana and vice-president Kunitachi Rinka. Not much is known about either of them, other than the knowledge that Mana is more of an out-going person outside of school than inside and Rinka is portrayed as a well-mannered princess. Rinka also asks him out for a dance in the ballroom, seeing the potential skill he has. However, when Shougo shows that he can dance when both members get serious, even Rinka is surprised by how good he is. When she tries to one-up him and fails, Shougo quickly makes a save enough to fool everyone that that was the end of the dance, surprising himself as well as Rinka.

While not a candidate, I think Mizutani Ikusu needs some mentioning as well. Although an alias in name, Ikusu works under Shougo’s mother to find out about Shougo’s future wife as well as pinpointing who the little sister is. To protect him, Ikusu enters the school and transfers to his class as well, much to his demise, but the girls are all swooning over him and his charms. He claims to use whatever means necessary to find out who the sister is, be it by a blood sample or saliva, and he does not mind going to the extreme just to find his sister, much to his chagrin. It was not until they went home together and Ikusu used the shower that Shougo found out that he is actually a girl. While she claims to the need of exposing herself a few minutes everyday to become one with the atmosphere, considering that they are of opposite gender under one roof, Shougo feels awkward about this. However, Ikusu does not seem to mind exposing herself in front of him. It is almost as if she is letting him know that if all five girls failed to fall in love with him, there is always her as an option.

The premise of the show itself is funny enough for me to watch, however, generic it may be. I hope to see something interesting happening by the time everything is said and done.


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