Koi To Senkyo To Chocolate: Episode 1-2

Welcome to the Food Research Cub. Here, you can try out various snacks either bought or created by the students of the club and critique them. However, considering that the club itself is just about eating them and stating things about them, the club does not do anything beyond that. While a fun club and an interesting amount of people to be around with, with the next student election coming just around the corner, and the next possible candidate is going to cut off clubs that are not doing anything for budget sake, it is of no surprise that they are on that list. They can try to hold a bake sale or hand out fliers about their critiques, but with timing not on their side, important action is necessary. And what better action is there than to have Oojima Yuuki in the running by unanimous decision except for his own?

The story centers around Yuuki as he tries to cope with such responsibility nearly forced upon him. Clearly, he was against the idea, for he himself does not find himself as a potential candidate given the remaining people who are running. In fact, the next closet person in the running who could possibly defeat Shinonome Satsuki is a rather odd man who covers his face with a cloth. With no one wishing to back him up due to his enigmatic and shady personality, the only way to solve their dilemma was through Yuuki. Yet, after having a talk with current council president Moori Yakumo as well as the next potential candidate Shinonome Satsuki, there might be a chance for him to be successful after all. Satsuki points out an important fact. The winner of the student council race will be none other than someone who participates in it. Anyone who does not do so is logically not going to win. A positive outlook and an optimistic viewpoint was all he needed to get enough people to vote for him to win.

With their influence, Yuuki returns to the club, of which he originally disbanded due to the harsh treatment. Here, Yuuki tells them that they should have a fair vote for who should be their candidate. While the club members have a hard time actually selecting someone instead of point and choose, Yuuki attempts to sell childhood friend and next door neighbor Sumiyoshi Chisato, but instead sold himself and dug his own grave during his speech meant for Chisato. Better luck next time, Yuuki.

While everything seems to be fun and sweet, a more serious and political side looms behind close doors as an embassy-like student council talks about the future of their school. In the beginning, there seems to be some sort of scandal between the president and a general affairs member, of which a student takes pictures of to reveal it to the school. However, someone sees her holding a camera, thus runs over her to keep her silent while deleting the evidence in the process. The council itself is a complete mess as everyone seems to be at odds with each other as the election date comes closer. Tensions continue to rise between groups, and while Satsuki manages to calm everything down, who is to say that something like that will not happen again? There seems to be something bigger happening throughout all these sugary events, and I hope the anime will dwell into these matters.

Like any visual novel adaptation, there comes a time when certain female characters take center stage before the main route of decision appears. In the second episode, the main highlighted girl is Chisato. Yuuki recalls a time in a dream where the he and Chisato were congratulating someone on their wedding. The two ask her to visit their wedding eventually. She tells them that things such as love may the taken lightly when one is young, but once one gets older, such feelings are crucial in their life. Another moment is after their own election when she buys a milk chocolate bar, even though she does not like chocolate. The bar was meant to be shared with him at night in his room. The calm yet symbolic moment from that scene depicts just how much she feels and cares about Yuuki, even if Yuuki only sees her as a childhood friend.


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