Kokoro Connect: Episode 1-2

It’s hard to believe that such a light-hearted show with a fun class and a silly story can have such a heavy atmosphere and plot in the process. Kokorro concert is set in the lives of fives students who are forced to join together to create a club, since their school requires everyone to be in a club and none of their interest seem to coincide with any of the clubs provided. While all of them are good friends, what drives these five characters’ lives out of control is an unusual phenomenon that happens only to them: soul exchange.

The first incident occurs when Aoki Yoshifumi and Kiriyama Yui inform the group that they swapped souls overnight. Naturally, none of the cast believe them, thinking that they were probably dreaming about it, but the event felt so real to them that it could not be a dream…can it? In any case, Nagase Iori returns to class to get a book from her ask when, all of a sudden, Yaegashi Taichi, who was inside the clubroom, finds himself inside a classroom. As it turns out, Taichi just swapped bodies with Iori, much to his and her confusion. Even the serious Inaba Himeko could not help but accept such a ridiculous thing happening when both of them reveal something that only they know. With the event happening right in front of them, the question now becomes why is this happening, and why them in particular. However, Iori and Taichi returned to their respective bodies, almost as if that just happened was indeed nothing more than a dream.

However, the next day is also blasted with various surprises as three people had their body switched the following morning, only to have it returned as the school day progresses, even if they had to skip some class to make sure that they switched back to normal. However, the body switching turns out to be something not as phenomonal as they wold have liked. Someone who calls himself Heartseed swapped bodies with homeroom teacher Mr. Goto to tell them about their situation. Apparently, he is the one who is responsible for having all of them switch bodies with each other, yet he tells them not to worry about how this works and move on with their live. Naturally, not all of them were going to agree unless certain questions were answered. Heartseed apparently can control when the body switching stops, but the start is completely random and not of his control. He chose them in particular because he thought they was a fun group to watch. That was about all he can say about the situation.

With that out of the way, the five need to take this situation very seriously if they do not want to be controlled by this Heartseed person. Nor should they have anyone else know about this situation as well. Who knows what would happen if more people knew about their dilemma? They five try to keep this secretive, but even after one week of body switching, everyone seems to be making mistakes about who’s gender they are, much to Himeko’s dismay. However, maybe the swapping of bodies is not such a bad idea after all. In fact, it seems to be the case that the body switching is actually helping the five of them understand each other more and see things through their eyes from their shoes. This idea is most notably seen when Iori in Yoshifumi’s body talks to Taichi at the train station. Here, Iori tells him that it is apparently not the personality, soul, and mind of a person that identifies someone, even though they contribute to it. Rather, people immediately judge who people are based on their bodily appearance, which makes sense, for people remember others through their looks most of the time. If this body swapping continues, will there be any significance in what body people are? And if the body loses significance, what is the point of having a personality in the first place? Although Yoshifumi returned to his body, Iori’s words had Taichi thinking.

Even with all of this happening, Himeko is having fun with this body switching, even if she herself does not know it. When class representative Fujishima Maiko asks for clean-up volunteers, Taichi was about to help out, but instead, it would be Taichi inside Himeko’s body who said that, much to Taichi’s confusion and Himeko’s anger. Himeko was forced to follow along to make sure nothing happens while Taichi was inside her body. During the clean up, Maiko, who seems to be interested in Iori, asks Taichi (Himeko) what he thinks about her. To get back at what Taichi did, Himeko, in Taichi’s body, states that Iori is his and should not butt into their relationship. Clearly, this was adding oil to the fire, but Maiko does not know that.


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