K-On! The Movie

After overhearing another club about what they were going to do over before graduation, Yui, Ritsu, Mio, and Tsumugi decide to go on a field trip on their own. Their destination is none other than London, which is rich in musical history in its own right. However, is it really just that? A trip to have fun? Hidden behind the tea, cake, sweets, and giggles lie a wish all four of them want to make come true: a chance to give Azusa a proper farewell gift. But what could it be? A souvenir? A rich sweet? How about a song? Okay, let’s go with that! But, exactly what king of song should we make for her? Something big? Something extravagant? Or maybe, just maybe, something about her, thanking her for everything that she has done for us, from setting ourselves straight to improving our musical talent? While all of them are having fun, the four are very serious about writing the correct lyrics to sing to her – that was the entire point of this trip.

The thinking is going to have to wait for a while, as the five of them, including Azusa, get on a plane for a trip of a lifetime, a world that highly contrast that of their own in everything. The food, the sights, the smell, the language – it was like stepping into a new planet. Of course, hilarity ensues when they cannot understand what the heck is going on due to the language barrier between them and everyone else. Thankfully, with enough English, everyone was nice enough to get what is it that they were trying to say and helping them out as best as they can. However, that sushi restaurant and bar scene really shows just how much lack of knowledge of a different language can take a toll on people. Then again, they manage to sing for them, even when all they wanted to do was try out their sushi. A gig is a gig, and it does not happen often, so they should at least be glad that they were able to do something a lot of people would never have a chance to dream of. Then again, it does not work if it still leaves them on an empty stomach.

Interestingly enough, Ritsu and Mio’s friends manage to show up in time to clear up the misunderstanding and help them out to go where they want to go. After that, it was all fun and games…or was it? In every opportunity they can get, Yui, Ritsu, Mio, and Tsumugi would ban together to come up with some lyrics to sing for Azusa, but nothing is coming out of their heads. Call it writer’s block, but for something that is supposed to have a lot of heart and meaning, and probably the most important thing they have ever done in their entire lives, something like this has to be perfect. There is no second chance if this screws up; this has to be the best performance they will ever give, and nothing is coming up. Time is of essence here, and they are clearly running out of it by the second.

Then again, taking a break here and there would surely freshen their minds and give them some inspiration. From taking pictures of everything they see, eating everything they want, and getting on a large Ferris wheel, it seems like they are having the best time of their lives. Probably one of their most memorable moments form that trip was the time when Norimi calls them about an event in London that celebrates Japanese lifestyle and customs. She asks if they can play in the event for them, and none of them wasted any time to say yes until Azusa reminds them that the event is on the same date as their flgiht back home. Even so, as long as they get their performance done and over with, they can quickly just take a taxi and get to the airplane. That’s easier said than done when the five of them, particularly Yui, takes too long to become one with the crowd and interact with them. On the way to the airport while Azusa was asleep, Yui claims that maybe all they have to do is write a song like they usually would, which was what Mio, Ritsu, and Tsumugi had in mind from the start. With that, the four of them prepare for their best on that graduation date.

…Except for the fact that, by the time graduation comes, all of them were so nervous about pulling it off. However, they cannot chicken out just yet. They have worked too hard and practice for long hours just to get this right. This is the one day that was important to them, not form the fact that they graduated, but from the thought that this might not make Azusa happy. It will. Trust me. Everything will turn out well. But there was something missing in their song, and Yui cannot put it in her mouth. However, after a strong wind and a bird flying over her, Yui comes up with the answer. Azusa has been with them for so long and has done such wonderful things for us that she is like an angel watching over them. That was the missing piece of the puzzle. In the very last minute, they come up with the lyrics that describes their adventures, their laughter, their joys, and their cries with her perfectly. And thus, they sing. To Azusa, the angel that lit up our lives, here is our song for you.

And thus, I am reminded by how much I loved K-On! It wasn’t the jokes, the silly interactions, the sweets, or the tea. It was the interaction between five girls and how they move on and live their lives through music. They know they are going to be separated one way or another, and they wish for this group to stay as it is. But sometimes, there is a need for a farewell, a goodbye, and what better way to do so than through music, the one thing that all five of them share in common. A certain memory from that episode rings my heart, and the warm-hearted feelings flow back inside me. This was a great ride, and I enjoyed every minute of it.


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