Another Barbecue and a Day with More Friends

For a good two weeks, my friends and I were deciding on what to do as out next “Stuylish” meet-up. Since all of us are in college with a majority of them graduated college already or will be graduating next year, it would be much harder for us to meet up and talk now that everyone has grown up and ill become a part of society sooner or later. More so, one of them will be heading to Georgetown University for grad-school to continue his chemical studies. With everyone else busy trying to figure out what to do in their lives, we try to find a date where all of us can hand out on. Interestingly enough, the fourth of August happened to be a good date for a number of us due to coincidental happenings. It just so happened that my family was planning on having a barbeque that day, which should have been lat week, but due to possible rain conditions, it was pushed back. So, it was back to another day of barbecuing at mt place, this time, with the air conditioner on due to the humidity. That was awful.

It took a while for all of us to get to my place on time, but once people stated to show up, the ball kept on rolling an rolling for us with fun. Then again, fun for us means the ability to have a one-on-one conversation with all of us. While a majority of our day was chatting, even our talks were filled with smiles and laughter. We talked about many things, from philosophical to what is happening right now to what will happen to us in the future. We kept on talking like this on and on, but that did not stop the conversation from getting interesting. I learned a lot about what was going on right now and people’s concern about what could happen to them. Surely, the thought of such things would bring worry, for the future is never that easy to predict. Yet, with all of us together, it was easy to speak out our minds, for we know that no matter what we say, it will be thought upon and respected. That is what I love about this group. Then again, I am the one of the youngest of the group, so I respect and think highly of all of them.

Probably the main surprise of the day was the arrival of my cousins. I knew that it was a family barbecue, so I thought it would be the addition of my uncle and aunt. What I did not know was that my cousins also came as well. Of course, they were family as well, but I did not really expected them to come. I guess my mother told everyone on Facebook about it or called people about it. Of course, I am happy that they came. As they say, the more the merrier. The problem was that I expected myself to hang out with my friends. With the addition of my cousins, I am split between who to treat more, my older friends who I rarely see about three times a year if I am lucky, or my younger cousins who usually meet several times a year at every family gathering. I wanted to be with both, but I was torn between who to be with, more notable, how to be with them. Splitting myself in two with the personalities that both groups know form be would have been nice, but this is reality. Such fantasy abilities could not exist, even if I wish it were true.

One way or another, I managed to be with the two groups, and my day was over. I really had a lot of fun and some thoughtful talk with my “Stuylish” friends. I hope I get to see them again for more chances to talk like this. A face-to-face talk is definitely much more useful and meaningful than a Facebook chat.


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