Holy Knight

Holy Knight sets its eyes on Kishimoto Lilith, a half-vampire who survived during the destruction of her village from those who are known as vampire hunters. Training throughout her entire life to get revenge on those who have killed her family, Lilith finally comes to the age where she is able to perform her final duty is to give birth to a child with the last true-blood vampire hunter and kill it along with him. Little did anyone know that things did not go according to plan.

Holy Knight had a decent set-up to start of what could have been a well-seated show; however, it did not work for me. There is obviously a darker plot in this premise than what the two OVA’s have provided for us. This is a girl who is fated to seduce an enemy of her kind and kill their child as well as the husband. I am sure that a majority of normal girls could not, or rather would not, be able to do such a thing. Yet, Lilith chose to follow this path, whether she likes it or not, which is shown during several hesitations of trying to get him to do her. Another noticeable aspect is the many behind-the-scene events that occur during Lilith’s transfer to the school that her target, Mizumura Shinta. With several members of the faculty are members of, but not directly related to, the vampire hunter guild, news of a possible vampire girl in their establishment clearly sparked their interest. Of course, they were here in hopes that Shinta will be able to remember his true self and kill off the vampires in existence. With many secretive meetings both inside and outside of the school premise, there is no question that Shinta’s life will now flip 180 degrees throughout the course of the OVA.

For a show that has the premise of a girl trying to get a guy to have sex with her, I was going to expect some form of nudity to show one way or another. What I received was nothing but cheap and blatant fanservice. It felt forced and in-your-face type of service, which I believe was one of the main down points of this show. I was expecting something along the lines of Elfen Lied or the recent Hagure Yuusha no Estetica in terms of a more natural way of showing fanservice, but I think the way they directed this kind of ruined any sort of dark mood that Holy Knight was trying to create. In truth, I was expecting Elfen Lied, only replacing horror with action with inclusion of a dark atmosphere, but it did not really reached it at all. I think what hurts this even more is Chizuru’s character. Chizuru’s personality was rather annoying, and surfing through various forums, was “ruined.” Then again, because they only have two episodes to reveal as much as they can to capture people’s attention, I guess a lot of things would have been rushed form the start. But if this is supposed to be an attention grabber for a possible TV series, I think Holy Knight did a poor job in its execution.

In the end, I am quite disappointed with what the OVA offered. I expected something deep and catching, but received a plate of mixed chaos. If there is going to be a TV series of this, I hope that it would give me a much better experience than what the OVA offered. The artwork is fine, but the directing was off.


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