AST: Round 1, Block A Predictions 1, 5, 9

With the 2012 Olympics over and done with, it is now time for the real games to begin. It is time for the eleventh Saimoe completion to reveal itself!

The first match provided today is none other than a fatal four way between Takakura Himari, Miyanaga Saki, Misawa Maho, and Doujima Nanako. Four people is just enough to have a full mah-jong game, and if this were a mah-jong tournament, Saki would surely defeat every single one of them with ease. Even if it was not, Saki looks to be the dominator of this match due to the high popularity of the Saki franchise.

The second match is not as straight forward as the first, but provides a bit of thinking. No matter how great Amagami SS is, Tachibana Miya does not look to be the favorite out of the three. Instead, this will most likely be a match between Huang Lingyin and Inami Mahiru. Although Working!! is a popular franchise, it seems as though the main contenders holding its banner are Poplar, with her second first preliminary sweep, and Aoi, a former quarter finalist. While the Working!! faction can try, I predict that Huang is going to win. IS is surprisingly popular in AST, and with an opponent like Inami, she might be able to run past her.

The third match provided leaves some question as to who is going to win this thing. It is a match most notably between Aoki Reika and Cecilia Alcott, as Oda Raika and the PapaKiki group are not really getting a lot of love here. What makes it interesting is that both characters mentioned are about neck-to-neck in terms of power. Precure gains a rather surprising comeback as it reveals a lot of potential and power this year than their previous exposure. With enough help, Reika can indeed win this one for her fans. But AST is known to love foreign beauty, and coupled with an already popular series of IS, Cecilia looks to take advantage of a match that might as well be hers as well. For a tight match like this, I am going to go out of a limb and say that Cecilia will win this match.

For those who wish to vote, please get your code here from the code generator and post your votes here. The picture above is provided from, and the pictures are updated everyday for the matches that are scheduled on that day. I do not own and did not create any of the following posters that will be posted under the AST tab, and all credit goes to the artist who took his/her time to upload the following pictures in the site.


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