AST: Round 1, Block A Predictions 2, 6, 10

The picture speaks for itself what I believe is going to happen in this group of women. With a majority of the girls coming in at today’s match from the second preliminary round, it almost seems certain as to what the results may be.

A02 – Illyasviel looks to take away the match here. At a statistical standpoint, the performances from both Moko Tsuiki and Yoshinoya do not appear very appealing, Try as Moko might, the Saki wave may not be able to pick her up, not against someone like Illyasveil. Illyasviel should win this one with ease.

A06 – Another obvious call. Hasegawa Kobato should have no trouble winning this match. Riko Yasufuku can play a surprise game given her decent standings in the second preliminaries, but I do not believe she can do it given Kobato’s high popularity. Kiyomi Sakura does not have a chance at winning here.

A10 – This should be decent victory for Gasai Yuno. Saki Mizukoshi can try, but I do not think things are going to work well for her.


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