Halloween and the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

With Hurricane Sandy out of the way, it felt as though what appeared to be a strong hurricane was all but just a dream. I guess I can only say this due to the location I was at. Indeed, what was considered a “super storm” from the televised news was just very windy days outside with minor drizzle. I expected something major to happen to experience the power mother nature can bring, but I guess it would be more rational for me to say that I am thankful that it was not as bad as I would have imagined.

Seeing the news everyday about what happened after Sandy left New York City, I was in awe rather than surprised. The Idea that power lines would be out for thousands to millions of people were already considered. Who would not when you have 65+ wind speeds knocking you around at a second basis? What caught me off guard the most was how the coastal areas of lower Manhattan could easily be mistaken as the modern form of Venice. The side of the city was so beautifully submerged into the sea that I wished I was there to take a picture of it, much less grab a gondola and row about it. I would think that people would find me insane; worse, police on boats would come over and either tell me it is not safe or arrest me on the spot. I probably have a broken mentality for thinking like that, but it did felt, for a second, almost as though the sea was calling for me to sing an Italian Aria during a somewhat romantic boat ride for a couple for two. A person can only dream.

Even though the storm has one much damage for the last two days, that does not stop the world for not celebrating the odd tradition of walking about in costumes. Yes, I am talking about Halloween. The weather today was so calm and normal, one would hardly think that a hurricane has passed by our area. In fact, the only natural damage that I saw upon walking around the area was the fall of a small tree on top of the car. Thankfully, the tree was small enough such that the top branches of the tree were touching it, so the car itself does not show any signs of damage, or, if it did, it would be a slight dent. I would give it under a day for one saw to cut it up and have the car free from its clutches. I feel sorry for the tree; such a small thing had a potential to become a large shade for summer. Now, where am I going to hide when the blistering heat comes in the next six months?

Indeed, this was the perfect time for young kids to go out trick-or-treating. With no school until Friday (they might as well give us no school for a week if they really want us all back for that one day of school that week), the little ones were all ready with their costumes and roaming around with bags, expecting sweets to be handed to them. The storm may have rammed through this city, but the spirit of my neighborhood is still young and vibrant, as tens of hundreds of kids flock the city with their parents with some goods in their hand. Everyone was having the time of their lives, like the two-day wind surge was nothing, like a faded dream that happens once in a lifetime. Soon, this neighborhood can say that a hurricane did pass by here as though for laughter in a light conversation. I do not know about the rest of the city due to MTA matters, but I hope the people in the coastal areas are doing fine. They have my prayers.


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