Tiger and Bunny Review

Tiger and Bunny sets its eyes mostly on Kaburagi T. Kotetsu, a veteran hero from the hit series “Hero TV.” His like takes an interesting turn when his new sponsor introduces a tag team concept to the show has him work with Barnaby Brooks Jr., a young rising hero of his own. As the two try to settle their own differences, they learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses and ultimately solve the mystery behind Barnaby’s past and Hero TV as a whole.

The overall theme of the story dwells on what constitutes as a hero. Kotetsu and Barnaby represent different views on what a hero should be. Kotetsu represents the old-fashioned, reckless side of a hero. As long as they are able to capture the criminal, a few fallen buildings here and there should not be something one should worry about, except for his sponsor. Kotetsu firmly believes in the separation of his two identities, trying to keep his hero form a secret from the public. Barnaby represents a more tactical approach to the TV series. Barnaby focuses on getting the job done with the least amount of work and casualties and achieving the highest score for each TV screening. Barnaby does not mind revealing his identity to the public, and usually ends each successful capture with the removal of his mask. With two highly contrasting views, it is almost amazing how the two manage to work with each other and somehow complete each mission successfully. While the two disagree about many things, they mutually respect each other and are willing to set aside their differences to reach a common goal.

Although the show focuses on the collaboration of two people of contrasting views, the story still revolves around Kotetsu’s perspective due to his overall relationship with everyone from the main cast of Hero TV and his family and old friends. In a number of episode that feature individual side stories, Kotetsu is usually there to give each of them his opinion and guidance, no matter how old they are or how long they have been in the business. Kotetsu treats everyone with respect, and while he prefers to be treated back the same way, Kotetsu does not mind if it does not happen that way. For each side story, Kotetsu takes the time to listen to their thoughts and worries and takes his time to give him or her a proper response. Kotetsu learns a bit more about each of them through his individual encounters and also grows as a friend and an adviser to the other members. His relationship with the rest of the becomes his ultimate test both as a hero and a friend.

What happens when the one who wanted to kill you to cover up his own crimes by altering people’s memories is the same person as a member of an underground organization that killed Barnaby’s parents and the head of Hero TV? Most try to convince people it is not them; some run in hiding. Kotetsu does what he only knows how to do: jumping directly into enemy territory and forcing his way into their memories, no matter how much they have forgotten about him. Kotetsu reenacts the key moments of his time with them, hoping to remind everyone who he is. It is only from the help of his daughter, who happened to have powers of her own, remind them who Kotetsu is. After an intense fight with Barnaby and helping him remember who he is, the two set off to face Albert Maverick, the mastermind of the attack of Kotetsu. Albert argues that they should see him as a hero than a villain. Had he not set this entire program up, who would know what would happen to those with superpowers. Many would fear them, and few would have a hard time discerning between those who have used their power for good or evil. Discrimination would be the least of their worries, outside of prejudice and possibly violence. Having them set up as superheroes gives the public a sense of relief that the government is doing something that allows them to discern between the super humans. However, Kotetsu believes that his methods of providing them “safety” is unjust, and he must be tried for his actions. However, Albert, who has the power to control one’s memories, alters his own so that no one will know about the secret of the underground organization, leaving the people only to believe something like this will not happen again.

True to its genre, Tiger and Bunny represent an interesting twist in a world where a select few gain superpowers. A story about heroism, friendship, and staying true to one’s heart, Tiger and Bunny’s main focus is what is going on behind the scenes in the private lives of our select heroes. Overall, the show is a fun watch and is recommended for all who is interested in the genre.


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