Halloween and the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

With Hurricane Sandy out of the way, it felt as though what appeared to be a strong hurricane was all but just a dream. I guess I can only say this due to the location I was at. Indeed, what was considered a “super storm” from the televised news was just very windy days outside with minor drizzle. I expected something major to happen to experience the power mother nature can bring, but I guess it would be more rational for me to say that I am thankful that it was not as bad as I would have imagined.

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Hurricane Sandy

To those who are braving the storm and still have electricity on them, stay safe. Large gusts of winds are blowing in my direction and the lights are flickering in my room. I fear it is only a matter of time before it is completely wiped out. Keep holding on.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous Review

A powerful story in its own right, Natsuyuki Rendesvous tackles upon the relationship between three characters. Hazuki Ryousuke is working at the flower shop in order to get closer romantically to the manager of the store. Shimao Rokka, the manager, is trying to live as freely as she could while giving up on love via the death of her husband. Shimao Atsushi, her husband, wants Rokka to live a free live, yet does not wish to let her go. The conflicting morals and identities of the three characters create a rather unique atmosphere that eventually bloom with character development.

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Kira Kira Review

Kira Kira revolves around Maejima Shikanosuke, a third year high school student who currently does not know what to do with his life after he graduates. Working at his part-time job, he comes across a popular band known as Star Generation, who gives him tickets to their show after a quarrel they inadvertently created. His life takes a turn when he and Shiino Kirari, another part-time worker that goes to his school, visits their gig and are amazed by their performance. The energetic and smiling Kirari uses this experience for their own club, the secondary literature club. Because their club was going to be disbanded and combined with the first literature club, she managed to persuade everyone to do a performance in the Cultural Festival as their final mark in the school after the disbandment. Who would have thought that they who know nothing about music were going to have their lives altered during their last year in high school?

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Confessions of an Inverted Shopaholic

To anyone out there who still visits this site or just happened to roam here by chance, I throw you this question: what kind of shopper are you? The type that spends a little here and there on a day-to-day basis, or the type that does not spend much at all until special occasions where they go on a buying spree. I guess there is such thing as both, possibly during the holidays, Black Friday, and the like.

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Sailor Moon

No, I was not living under a rock. I just have not picked this show up during my childhood, shocking as one may call it. I did not wish to bother myself with it since it was too long for watch through, but now that there is news of a remake of this series come next summer, I thought to myself, “Now might be the best time than never to watch this series.” That said, here is my take on this series that should have been a part of my childhood.

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